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tjon901's review"High end tube overdrive"

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Hughes and Kettner is a German guitar amp company that started in the mid 80s. Today they make a wide range of guitar related things from amps to accessories. This is a Hughes and Kettener overdrive pedal called the Tube Factor. The Tube Factor features two gain modes which make it more versatile. It has a softer mode called Factor 1 and a heavier mode called Factor 2. The Tube Factor uses a 12AX7 preamp tube for the Factor 1 voicing. Factor 2 uses a diode circuit for more gain. The Tube Factor has 3 knobs One for Drive another for Output and the last for voicing.


The Tube Factor is strongly built using medium gauge metal with plastic side panels. The design has a recessed area for the controls so it is very hard to break a knob or pot if you drop the pedal. If you open up a side panel you can see that the Tube Factor’s design is based off of two circuit boards: one to hold the preamp tube socket and related components, the other for the primary circuit itself. The Tube Factor is designed so that you cant really change the tube inside it because the electronics inside are quite delicate.


Maxing out the Voicing knob produces a sound that sounds like a modern scooped gain amp with most of the mids removed from the sound. If you turn the voicing knob the opposite way you can get a more bluesy sound. Factor 1 produces a nice gradual overdrive that is dynamic with your attack. At some settings Factor 1 can sound a lot like an Ibanez Tube Screamer. Factor 2 produces more modern overdrive sounds. The Factor 2 distortion is very smooth and it is not noisy.


This is not a "one good sound" only pedal. Blues, rock, and metal players will all find great sounds from the Tube Factor. The Tube Factor is well designed and sounds good in all of the settings.

moosers's review

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
The Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor is a tube based overdrive pedal for use with electric guitar. It has two separate channels which produce both a cleaner tube sound and a saturated tube sound. Tube Factor has standard 1/4" connections and comes with a power supply, the voltage of which I'm not sure. It isn't rackable as it is a stomp box.


Using the Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor is a very simple process. There aren't very many parameters that you need to know about, and those that you do are simple enough to figure out after a minute or two if not right away. The parameters that are on the Tube Factor are as follows: a knob for drive, a knob for output, and a knob for voicing. The voicing knob allows for different types of blends of overdrive. It has two buttons - one for on/off, and one for choosing between the two different tube channels. I don't think that anyone will need a manual, regardless of experience.


The sound quality of the Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor makes it one of the best overdrive pedals I've ever heard. I have used the pedal for a recording session where I was the engineer and not the performer. It was the guitarists pedal, so while I didn't get a chance to play around with it too much, we got some seriously killer sounding guitar tracks that day. We were using the pedal with a Gibson Les Paul and a '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb. The pedal simply put sounds thick, realistic, and full of life and color. You can get a very wide range of different overdrive sounds with the pedal as well between the voicing knob and the two different channels.


While expensive, if you're in the market for a top of the line overdrive pedal, the Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor is definitely one of the pedals that you should be considering. If you're a professional who has a bit more money than the average person to spend on an overdrive, it is absolutely worth the extra money. While I'm a big fan of the Ibanez Tube Screamers for the money, the Tube Factor blows even the best Tube Screamer out of the water in terms of versatility and sheer tone quality. Absolutely recommended for anyone who wants a high end overdrive pedal.

diGo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's hot potato!"

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
What are the effects or types of effects available?
Distortion with 2 switches: 1 on / off and adjust the 2nd half or full.

What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
analog tube!

Are they edited?
3 knobs: Gain - Volume - Voice
Gain increases distortion.
The volume augment the output level can become impressive.
Voice highlights a hollow in the middle to leave a little more room to voice, supposedly.

What is the connection?
6.35 jack input and output, and there's even an entry for a remote control but I never used it.


The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, you plug is pressed, it sets the gain and volume, a little edge with the voice ... this is classic and very warm distortion, and the distortion in background, the receiver can larsener if we play with a level of rocker ...

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Bought secondhand without the manual, it would be helpful to have the reference of the lamp inside.


The sound quality is there. There's the bass and treble, rich and warm sound.


How long have you use it?
Since 2010.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Pros: sound, metal look with the little blue light robustness.
The less the difference in level between 1/2 and full ... if one chooses a crunch for half the full typed will necessarily metal, and if you chose a classic rock distortion sound full, 1/2 will be a pauv 'clear its weaker than the pedal bypass ... 2 settings 2 channels it would have been top notch.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I have 2 Marshall Shred Master sounding a bit like the two shreds, we already reports that according to the series, the components are not calibrated same, we seem to get the same sound but with different settings ... I love this distortion and Tube Factor sounds a little similar but more serious and more heat. The grave is fun when you play bass and warmth is nice when you play rock.

How would you rate the quality / price?
Not bad.

With experience, you do again this choice?
I'm a little disappointed because I only use one setting, but what a sound! I would probably do it again this choice or I will directly see Okko Super Tube Factor whose modification rule the small problem of inequality between the channels.

guitarfolies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really changes the situation!"

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
The Tube Factor is causing a great overdrive pedal lamp, soft wish. Unfortunately, despite the possibility to pass up a "Factor" to the other (the first is a very natural overdrive, little compressed, and fully respecting the grain of the instrument, the second a more focused overdrive lead more Compressed and modern), it is almost impossible to find a balance between the two channels, the settings are common.
This is where Okko, and very coherent mod consists of adding an additional volume, and two switches to vary the voicings of the two channels. It is then possible to set, eg, F1 and F2 clean boost to distortion incendiary, which was originally unthinkable. This is only one of many possibilities open to us the update "Okko Super Tube Factor" is essential!


This pedal has finally become usable in real live conditions. Far from being a gas plant, the Tube Factor Okko mod is really intuitive and easy to use.


Let's be clear: Okko does not change on the integrity of the sound. The Tube Factor is still a mod Okko Tube Factor. However, additional settings can really draw the quintessence.
The Tube Factor is not a universal OD, and may not be suitable for all configs (it can be anything slimy), but with my Strat and my Hiwatt vintage U.S., it is perfect for a creamy overdrive and bluesy!
In clean boost, this pedal is unanimously not buy much for that.


I use the Tube Factor since 2003. Suffice to say that I've been around since a long time, it was my only OD (since I caught :-)
I waited nine years before discovering Okko and his mod, and I could not be happier!
With experience, not only I would do this choice, but I would sooner!

Greig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
- What are the effects or types of effects available? It's a (big) saturation pedals (overdrive) lamp (1 x 12AX7). This one being high-voltage driver.

- Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? Well, no, eh ... Analog pedals

- What is the connection? In, Out, remote (to connect an external switch), Alim provided (not heat the beast evil, the power supply provides 700mA!)


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?
It could not be simpler: one with pedals between an outlet, 3 knobs
- Drive: saturation level of light when the mini was a factor in the saturated trs max factor 2
- Output: output level, gain big margin, unity gain is 25% of the race!
- Voicing: cut a tape to dig mdiums

2 switches: on / off triggers that activate the pedals (that's a true bypass) and Factor 1 / 2 to gain level 2

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Some presets are Submitted but hey, for the config, no need ....

I put 8 because a true adjustable tone of t have much to compensate for variation between amps ...


- Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?
It has a light overdrive, nothing more so it was all that is natural, H & K boasts transparency and compliance with the grain of the instrument and the amp, I think everything is r sum. The grain goes from clear or almost a nice crunch and a factor in up to a muscle but no overdrive fMeasure (no question of the metal of some kind, we are here in the land of Blues , rock, the limit of Hard Rock. Importantly, AC not blowing !!!!.
The voicing can dig the medium in Bosst the input signal, one must be able to reach the big sounds ... to see, I must continue my exporimentations, Notter volume of repeated .....

Rhaaa!, I have done with a repeated. Branch in a marshall JMP.
I redcouvert qu'tait the guitar sound! but how did I do lice live without this stuff all this time?? dynamics is monstrous! config test:
Burny LP -> Cry Baby -> MXR Supercomp -> phaser -> Tube amp Micor Factor -> various effects ... -> Marshall JMP. Well, I prfr a Twin, the marshall is a bit aggressiff but the cow! tube factor is what I always expected! Supercomp the front, I had expected all sounds, except for the crunch LGERS that I like, but the fault is difficult to walk .... I thought I would try to compare a Cooltron, well it will not bother, I keep my toy!! how did I could find that sounded good DM4?? j'exagre .. DM4 is the hepatic but not high quality ...

10/04/2006 Last day: with a repeated "The Twin". ca does, even more dynamic than marchemal, more size, I should try to dig a little with the mids voicing ... mas Well, it does very very well!!

days set in 2007: I just compare it with an OCD, it was very similar but slightly less brilliant ... u

- Which instruments do you use?
Test RALIS a Burny LP and a Twin and the middle of a set of pedals (see profile)

- What are those you prfrez, you dtest? I like the grain, I always dream of a natural saturation, I found the crunch is exactemnt way I want, the saturation as well, even if it was a tendency to want more ... I would put an MXR Supercomp, a Belcat and OCD before. I AIM reserve a gain can be greater (as with overdrive j'obteins upstream, finally, I use it mainly for solos with lots of gain (+ Factor2 OCD)
The fact that it does not blow ca disorder also not bad, you do not feel like the drive.


I've had two days, it is clear that I will give my opinion a day trs soon.
I love the simplicity tired dedevoir turning knobs and save fifteen patches .. the look (a little window that lights up in blue) .. and especially the sound. I want a little more gain, but it was not rdibitoire the Supercomp upstream does its job ..
I have a DM4 and a Tri AC. The time I dernire jou I dcu t by the coldness of DM4, who had little dcu up Submitted but with fresh ears, I realized account of the problem ... Tri AC works well, it may be difficult to resolve especially in "Brit" impossible to have one without the horrible crunch boosts treble on .. (2007 update: vrirer the cap is Brit enfentin and solves the problem!)
Report quality Price: Yeah, the Beast 250 ... still cheaper than the DM4 but what a potato!! Oh yeah, what gouache!

Yes, I think I retrounerais! I reconfirmed!! The bomb in the registry rock (not metal) that I can be for a couple taterais OCD + BB preamp or other ...

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
What a conversation pieces ... Make no illusions, it's not as killer machine.
Goodies: tlcommande taking the bypass transparent and silent, the noise almost absent, the contour control.
Cons: the main transformer SPECIFICATIONS, lack of controls for each mode spars, and especially of yapa equalizer. Also, the ACCS lamp is so ch ... they dare not. This is especially bad as simply changing the lamp can do so many things.
Finally, the price is overdone given the lack of the machine. The tubeman is just more expensive and so much more usable.


Rgler the trick is frustrating, a gain for two modes is very wrong. Be the crunch sound is louder than the lead or the lead is stronger but the crunch is almost clean. Duty. CHARACTERISTICS of course desirable for the legalization of lead have not seen those desirable for the crunch you get the picture ...
Dceptions in chain, and the price dbours the whole empire.
2 volumes, 2 contours, 2 drives, and global eq is what it would actually.
Or it is used as a simple pedals sound but the same was wrong, the sound is always too full in the bass, not the best and more.
I put zero, pan


Positivons now ... The tube factor produces clean sounds great, by the way Frank Nimsgern Himself uses it as a direct box of luxury for its acoustic sets. It is the only aspect missing or does not arise.
The gain lead tone and contour trs corner is fun, with double hearing. Trs player in this case the tube factor.
I could not have ar crunch blame the lack of true equalizer, still too fat, seriously hard.
On a bassman has not sound too stiff Pabo. Such a deluxe reverb. Amp transistors on worse.
With a vox class A, class A is a boogie that the ESG the excess fat the least. Class seems to round the corners of the tube trs spicy factor. But hey it's still not great, I know not what they think the lamp as a hideout, with another on a would sound better.
So I found a compromise bypass-crunch-lead on my Class A amps, so I can finally use the pedals.
I also put my APRS compressor when I take the electro acoustic sound amlioration trs net in this case, and the simplicity works wonders.


99-2000 for the very first, without a change against the original amp, trs good deal for me ...
Then I bought the current version of a buddy ultra dcu by the gear. Sounds like that the era.
The classic amp is not much better, more natural and everything. Hardness level of the tube is at the same level as the Tech21 GT2. In fact, this all sounds dernire allows the factor and much more, I know since I use both. But I think the best choice is the tri-tech ac 21, softer and ultra flexible, and consolidated 3CH ridiculous (more than one hundred hours with 9volts energizer, mind-blowing!
Finally you're INFORMS. The brainwashing is not good for the wallet eh

hubby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Overdrive lamp two channels: boost drive (factor 1), and overdrive-distortion (factor 2)

Hyper Solid


Easy to use, high output.

Sound rgler with the outline, depending on the amp.


Factor 1:

Trs good crunch, respect the pickups of the guitar. Also used to color or overboosted channel distortion amp

Factor 2:

Overdrive aggressive enough (at least on my mesa), we must lower the treble, good for rock and blues.

With a boost to Marshall then the slap all walks are available (except nomtal because its too hot)

Excellent sustain


I was looking for a crunch for my 30 F 2 from which the channel too quickly distortion.

The tube factor fully meets the rle.

Moreover After a few weeks of use, I prfre channel saturated the F30, with a boost in front, everything is accessible, the crunch of distortion. Trs really good pedals. In addition it Ragit trs well volume knob on the guitar and respects its microphones.

I will never regret this purchase.
May one day be an opportunity, I will try another brand of lamp 12 AX 7 to see the report obtained.

pouillotte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
- 1 12AX7
- 2 buttons - green: on / off - the red: boost
- 3 large well protected SETTINGS: gain - volume (note that it is very very powerful) - voicing: filter medium (a = 0 EQ flat, thoroughly: EQ V)
- Behind: input, output, external switch (never tried) and power supply

simple and ergonomic, is not. to quibble, real EQ and a separate volume for the channel "boost" would have been helpful all the same. (Cf. TubeFactor II)


This pedal is basically a utlisation FOR scene: it is indestructible, the small foam below handy to absorb any shocks. al c is inside the solid and the connection is also impeccable.
to believe that the engineers at H & K have tested the pedal punks Russian FROM c is so solid. and I have absolutely nothing against the Russian nor the punks, you worry.

Depending on the settings, the pedal acts as a preamp (+ wealth + heat and light) saturation (large panel, see below) or booster.

Once again, we can not do better, especially in groups. I always connected, even on good quality amps, it brings a warmth that I find indispensable.

For real versatility, EQ and volume would have been welcome ... pb solved by adding an external EQ. Personally, I work with a single "sound" (that means as saturates) and I remain a fan of "you plug, it works." in this case, C is the solution.


Its clear sound is both dry and round, bright and rich, who really respect the natural sound of the guitar and the dynamics of your playing a regal, it sounds really good rhythm that much in small solos.

for the big sound, the gain of the original lamp was a little weak for my taste, I have made the beast with a Dopper GrooveTube and, I took a big slap! we go on a saturation always warm but more intense with a lot of medium. nickel for the punkrock fat.
for the hardcore / metal / thrash, EQ needed to tame the power and gain in precision but the result is impressive: the natural sound of the guitar is still present, but with a pair of c *** huuuuge Lles more.

namely: the difference in output level between the channels is sensitive enough light is too low compared to the boost, c is a bit tedious after a while.
attention, channel 2 is a boost, not a second channel c is either a clear, clean, slight saturation boost in either plain crunch and consequently boost saturation (adjustable gain unique)


The Tube Factor is an excellent choice to enhance its color and its a ... "more sir"-and especially the guitarist's amp, all styles. (Lamp eventually change to a very big sound)

j uses the Tube Factor 7 years with an external EQ, it allowed me to keep a good sound regardless of the amp uses ... and a good amp, the result is phenomenal. attention, the natural sound of the guitar is important.

Finally, the price is high but I have no regrets saw the heavy use that I do and in the quality manufacturing of the beast.

Just_elwood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
A very large pannel of overdrive distortion,
possibility to move from a super lightweight crunck boost power metal.
Pedal lights so very good grain, and sounds very good
Two channel, a slight boost + 1 ..

After having a lot of time searching for a saturation that was worth it I finally found .. While the price is a bit consec but ... The quality has a price


The pedal rather heavy and very robust, very good manufacture.
We are not afraid of breaking with a kick a little "heavy"
We're far from a plastic packing list, or light metal.
Adjusting the sound is simple, and both full


What about the effects ..
It's good!


Use for 3 years, my only effect of saturation. It is self same
We spend a big sound is a crunchy blues to rival the TS
Before I sure play a lot of model boss, ibanez, marshall etc.
So I advice .. thoroughly

MymanSeb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Tube overdrive pedal.
3 control buttons: Drive, Output, and Voicing (Mid control).
2 switches: two different types of drive.
Transformer provided, no batteries.


Very easy to use! 3 knobs, 2 switches!
The switch gives one a fairly moderate overdrive while switch 2 delivers a more powerful saturation.
Simple manual (in English and German only), but clear and offering different types of settings.


Sound qualities as a leader in rhythm.
- Booster to clean sounds.
- Overdrive vintage style to the most current saturation with Voicing button.
- Distortion warm and powerful without going (in my opinion) in the registry Metal.
I use it on a Start and a Les Paul, ca does with two of course!


Very versatile pedal with sounds hot!
It's a foot longer than the standard sizes bulky type BOSS, DOD etc. but for trying some of these pedals, I think the Tube Factor offers a range of sounds with relatively large heat and more.
I use it for a year and I am very satisfied.
The price is not cheap (about 250 euros) but I think it is worth it.
I would do so this choice.