Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion

Silver Dragon Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 12 reviews )
 9 reviews75 %
 3 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent

syl2412's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good but not in any config"

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Distortion lamp, everything has already been said.


This is a distortion pedal. Everything has been said also.


I have read many good things about this pedal that pushed me to buy it. And I was disappointed at first when I had a Marshall amp as hybrid. I expected to find that I missed the heat through the lamp, but the sound was still too cold and a little rough.

I retried on my Mesa Mark V a few years later, and then slap. Very very effective, biting, super grain, and the coldness that had thus makes my Marshall.


This is a very good distortion pedal but not fully be expressed with a good amp (which readily accepts pedals). I was able to verify the adage was the sound of the weakest in the chain link material. Have a great pedalboard plugged into a low-end amp is not used much.

On the downside, it takes a lot of space in the pedalboard and have a 12v power supply (included) to saturate the lamp 9v is a little short.
And it tends to not blow hurts when you push the gain. Normal with a lamp.

macmaf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Groosse distortion."

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Big boîboîte aluminum dark gray Metallic with black plastic buttons 6 (type chicken head), two crappy switch (od and distortion), and a strengthened Chinese bulb LED (so that one has the impression that illuminates for real, its level you can imagine that it is useless ... or: it is better suckered the "musicians" who appreciate her with their eyes).

Brief. It looks like a distortion pedal. It is to be mistaken.
So 10/10 for perfect resemblance to a pedal-type effect OD / Disto, but -2 for the led to pigeons, and still -2 for switches that have dropped me and I need to change. So: 10 - 2 - 2 x AF / statement = Correct (6)


It's simple: there's buttons, they must turn and listen to what it produces on its ...
I have not read the manual ...
The potos are not there to decorate, the sound is actually changed once they are moved. This gives a wide variety of sound: light overdrive to screaming distortion very dirty or dark.


I was looking for a distortion with lots of gain (really), and sufficient accuracy for its "lead", the overdrive was the gift Bonux, I've never wanted a special but now I find very useful able to juggle between the two.
This is a distortion that suits me (I have not tried everything, I'm a fan of "démerdes you with what you did").
The popping sound is precise enough for solos that I do. There is a good dynamics and harmonics out very well.
I use it on a Fender tube amp, a Strat and a super strat style hotrod 80's (designed for the game and nothing else, it buries all the luxurious guitars I've tried ...)

I recommend using it with an equalizer and a compressor, because they add the possibility of mods almost indispensable.


I play for 20 years, I have tried many many things. I went through all stages of the guitar addict: "I buy because it's beautiful," "I buy because it's brand", "I buy because my idol is used" ... : D Anyway.
Today, I'm gone. I will start on AudioFanzine lol

And what I say: Good distortion pedal in big win. Gain a very typical course that can become "too much" if you do not take the time to turn his potos to refine the resulting sound. If you want the Mesa, it does not. Follow this advice from "old" put at least an equalizer for "shaping" your distortion, regardless of the pedal used ...
For those seeking a small disto nice, it's not for you, you'll find that too messy. And for those seeking the distortion of Doe's latest album is not for you non-plus. Typed too. It is geared for those who want to have the same color of his that everybody while having a big win that allows him to play metal and hard as well as lead to riff.

Outside switches anemic, I am satisfied.

PS: the lamp is original. I have not tried with the EH 12 AX7. Should I try, but hey, I expect not a sound revolution. I think we give too much importance to the material while the sound is first your hands ...

Disto14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
So it is a tube distortion pedal, like "big distortion.
All analog, true bypass, sold with its specific power.
Two channels:
- Awaken: saturation overdrive lamp - distortion
- Slayer: distortions big type lamp and transistor amp Mesa boogie

You can alternate the two channels or go directly to the bypass to one or the other.


Nothing could be easier. You plug and play.
I only regret that the names of the settings are not more "standard". Finally, once you get used to that we know what it corespond
"Fire" is the gain made by the lamp
"Shriek" corresponds to the acute
"Roar" is the serious
"Intensity" is the sustain and attack of the channel "slayer". In fact, it is a kind of second gain that compresses the sound
"Breath" is the asymmetric nature of the distortion and provides a unique color.
"Level" is of course the output level.

I saw some earlier opinions regretted the lack of control medium. For my part, I find it useless on this pedal. We just drop the bass and treble and you have more mediums. The bass are naturally very active on this pedal and gives a good presence on guitar and volume.
The EQ, for that matter, is effective and can bring a very diverse range of sounds.

I put "9" for the names of the settings that I would have preferred more classical.


Well, we will not beat around the bush.
This pedal produces a thick or heavy metal distortion type rock.
The equalizer allows for great versatility. The bass and treble to three-quarters are produced on the channel distortion slayer to wake the dead and very rough! By lowering the treble and bass, the sound becomes more mellow and soft.
Besides, I never put the bass very high because it can quickly produce a sound "heavy".

Channel 1 corresponds more to a big crunch as an overdrive / distortion, it's quite rocky and work well on rhythmic type AC / DC (like "Highway to Hell").
Channel 2 provides more compression and tends to "smooth" sound, ideal for solos.
The complementary channel is very well thought out, especially since you can play on the difference in volume between the two (discrete rhythmic kind and very present solo).

You'll understand that this pedal is made for big sound. If you are looking for a soft distortion, go your way.
The silver dragon makes a very significant amount of gain, even on single-coil pickups, or have a low output level.
The background noise is very reasonable given the degree of saturation of the beast.

I could compare it with a Boss Metal Zone. Well I can tell you that it is day and night. When the metal area offers a synthetic architectural distortion and no volume, the silver dragon brings the body while maintaining the sound of the guitar.


I've had it about a year.
I especially love its power, versatility on (it's still big sound) and the body that gives the sound.
I regret the names of the settings that are a little kind to the pimply teen metalheads who want to play the "there are settings that are not found on other pedals" when in fact it is the classical ( bass, treble ...)

The price is good value given the resulting sound.

It is a very good pedal for those who want a sound muscular. Rocktron offers good quality products elsewhere.

papasteack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
I will not repeat ...


The transition from one channel to another is original ... but it underscores the mix transistor distortion / lamp. Really, too bad it lacks a medium setting, I will have dropped to well wishes! And adjustment of the bass is not enough for my taste ... ample
Changing the lamp is really boring, forced out the entire circuit of the box!


The sound with my new schecter c7 atx scratches in seymour duncan blackout asset is awesome ... even better than what I could expect ... I am amazed. Damage against the setting of the grave can not be a little more focused on the boost of the palm. On some pedal, it really puts them further. There I sound to Meshuggah with a very tight grain. I play with a 12AX7 mesa, but I plan to take a 12AU7 ecc803 (long plate) dd / such, history to have a finer adjustment of the distortion, and then also for the pleasure of hacking ...


I use it for 3 weeks. I would definitely do it again this election. Paid € 135, given the definition of the grain, it's perfect. on the other hand, with my first scratch a little rotten, it sounds ugly ...

Mouflapil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Distortion pedal analog channels 2 'short end we will not repeat 25 times eh.

The absence of a knob of medium probably prevent many of the uterus to cut ...


The config is as simple as possible to a distortion pedal: you put all at 12:00, then you turn to find the right sound.

The manual ... is nonexistent, a poor config proposed test, and two to three words on what are the knobs (which is, at first, useful, given their name a bit ridiculous).


It comes down to brass tacks: the sound.

Personally, I have (yet) found the ultimate distortion pedal. I looked for something to complete my SansAmp couillu made me some nice crunch. After two to three tests a little platounets, a seller puts me that thing between the legs. The claque.

The sound is everything I was looking for: rich in harmonic, well balanced (no need to make donf 'to come out in the mix group), thick, gritty, dirty limit. It is quite typical and not suitable for all styles of rock-metal (his favorite in my case) over to play as the Converge Deftones ...

The crunch (Awaken mode) is really nice, relatively warm, the sound grows, we feel the potato, the presence.

I use it with a Lag Roxanne Emg increase in liabilities (yet very straight microphones and quite impersonal) on a Hartke Piggyback, well it worked wonders. I can not imagine what it can provide all of the lamps of good quality (not a Valveking what ...).

Be careful not to abuse of distortion on channel Slayer, lest the beast breathing like a donkey. But honestly, I never exceed half the breath is more than reasonable, and the distortion already impressive (and largely sufficient power chords as solo).

Coupled with my newly acquired Dunlop wah pedal, the couple works very well.
EDIT: Tested this weekend live on a JCM 800. I took the slap of the century! This thing really deserves a good amp to realize its full potential!


I use it for over a month now, at home, again, in-home studio, and soon live!

I'm crazy in love with her, exactly what I had in mind when entering the music store where I bought. What I do not ... the name of the knobs pretty ridiculous.

I tried two to three tricks before, Metal Zone, and Über-metal top (the big stew, and especially the über, cf. My opinion), and also the MXR Dime Disto from home, sound too straight, too square.

I got to 180 €, and at that price, a crunch and distortion that cover all my needs as a group, it's worth graaave instantly.

With experience, I should lose no time to even test the other pedals, I sink!

lautricky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
This Rocktron pedals analog distortion is light and transistors 2 channels.
Entrance, exit, one branch, you can play, a sound RULES ...
As discussed below, the absence of the rglage mdiums Vitera you remove them. Pe know that people are mdiums trs important to resort guitar group!
I love a rglage per channel as the MXR Double Shot, but I'll pass because both channels are excellent!


Config trs simple, from left to right we have the knob of saturation of the lamp, bass, treble, saturation of transistors, a knob trs prcis adding some grain "amricain" which allows the sound artificial harmonics out more easily (Petrucci fans), then level out!

So two switches. We support the first, the first channel. we support the second, the second channel.
The bypass is trs good, not like the Digitech Whammy ... lol.

The manual is nothing left for what to match the switches because they have holy names! Anyway ... If the guys were pleased Rocktron is the principal!


So l. .. It's just beautiful!
I had an MXR before it silent trs trs clean and sharp. I will say with hindsight "too professional". Now, Rocktron has brought me the sound I wanted.

The first channel is a crunch but may be a distortion if the microphones mtal follow with enough gain e lev. The second channel transistor and lamp combines and provides grain amricain trs.
I put 10 as possible rglages are terrible! I play on a Kustom amps and it's perfect! The power of a head lamp is not, but its light is reflected quite well.


I'd put 10 in total because it's exactly the sound I was looking for. I wanted to try the Tubman and H & K V-Twin and Mesa, but they are expensive trs!!
Try! It's the only thing to say!

aur126's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
C has 2 distortion channels
a lamp
treble and bass setting for + 2 + adjustable distortion to add harmonic
medium no damage ... but with an equalizer and amp perfect c


Config nice trs prcise
touran edit sounds in the button and fupport on 2 large buttons lol


J using this pedal with a cort evlk6 with a 35Watt amp kustom home obviously the sound of the amp is horrible except clean c why I have this distortion in addition c apartment perfect sound quality very good ranging from a nice crunch to a huge distortion tj tr prcise for little kon Delau adds a reverb or even c + bo jai ossi add a boss equalizer ge-7 c's really heavy on his jai ke what I look for more once for use in apartment
ke I think this pedal is perfect for the metal being given a kel bocou to reserve it sounded no matter kel transistor amp or a good light (I speak mostly valveking112! lol) the other not often c tro sentence May the transistor amp with this pedal transform its nothing to do with the origin of distortion of shit I intend to resell (or throw) the 35Watt voila rssuciter or save


I used the last 6 months bocou beautiful sound of attack for the huge distortion saturation kil playing mostly all metal exists as a prefix it suits me perfectly c probably my best choice of gear of course a relatively modest budjet 220euro the dan I had a trade 150 euro new adapter with c cool kan lexprience I do it again even with this choice
Le Mouk05/08/2007

Le Mouk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
The Silver Dragon is a tube distortion pedal.
It has two switches. The first, "awaken", uses only the distortion of the 12AX7 and the second, "slayer", a mixture distortion of the lamp with the transistors, to gain a huge contribution.
Controls (which are ridiculous names referring to dragons, which does not detract from the quality of the product) are:

Canal Awaken (lamp): "Fire" (saturation level of the lamp)
"Shriek" (treble EQ)
"Roar" (EQ bass)
Canal Slayer (lamp + transistor): "Intensity" (saturation level transistor)
"Breath" (symmetry of the distortion of the signal)
"Level" (output)
Too bad there is no EQ of mediums, but the sound is not too "scoop", however.
It is powered by a 13V transformer included (9V not enough to the lamp driver, although I doubt that enough 13V!).


Configuration is very simple, it's a pedal, not a multi-effects with 128 presets! As far as research sound very typical metal, it is very easy to find her convincing. Personally, I put the gain at 5 on channel lamp, and at 9 on channel transistor. This way the sound is ultra-precise, if you push too of the gain channel transistor, the sound becomes a bit messy. The EQ for treble and 13h to 12h for low. Control "Breath" has a very subtle influence, barely audible. It acts on the symmetry of the distortion, and if pushed to the bottom, he adds harmonics, especially in play rhythm rather than lead.


Well, for starters, if you want a subtle overdrive or a slight crunch, go your way, here it is in the realm of big nasty distortion, even with the gain to a minimum on the channel tube.
I use a Washburn WI68 and SeymourDuncan in a Les Paul Custom also SeymourDuncan. I use a JCM800 in stereo on in KT88 Engl Vintage 4x12 cabinet, and a Sovtek MIG-50 in Marshall 1960A cabinet of 6L6. I play metal in all its forms (power, thrash, heavy ...) and I have still not found a better distortion pedal, and it really is not for lack of trying!
The sound is super sharp, very precise, although there are KT88's not for nothing. However, do not push too sharp, otherwise the sound can quickly become shrill or strident! (Hence the appellation "shriek" for the treble!).
It is clear that the discovery of this pedal does not end my quest for the Grail sound, but until they can afford the mini-rack-Nasa home VHT, it satisfies me, especially coupled with two amps all lamps in stereo ...


I use it for almost two years. I tried dozens of distortion pedals (Boss MT2/MD2/XT2/HM2, DOD death metal, Rocktron Rampage / Zombie / Metal Planet, ProCo Rat, Bixonic Expandora, Digitech Weapon, Marshall Jackhammer, ElectroHarmonix MetalMuff, Line6 Ubermetal , etc..), but after trying the pedals a little higher-end (Damage Control demonize, Vox Bulldog, MXR Dime / DoubleShot, Guyatone MetalMonster, T-Rex Bloody Mary / Dr.Swamp, Radial Engineering Tri-Mode / Classic, etc.). I decided to post this notice.
What I like about this pedal is its almost total lack of breath and / or feedback effects. It is the only all distos hi-gain that I tested (except for the Damage Control demonize that costs double, and Ubermetal of Line6 has a built-in noise-gate), which do not require mandatory the use of a noise-gate. It is also one that attacks the most dynamic and cutting the entire list, perfect for fast rhythmic much trash!

What I like least is making a little "cheap" and light, and the mercantile aspect of the product: names to the con for the controls, and above all, the light visible through a small grid between the controls for each channel, to be sure we can clearly see the (marketing oblige!) we have added a little more orange LED behind the lamp, to "as-if-she-would-come-in -fusion-by-the-force-of-dragon-money! " Anyway, it is not at all protected from dust, which is pretty silly for a product whose purpose is to drag the ground!

In conclusion, I would say that the Silver Dragon has a very good price / quality ratio, and it may well be enthroned in the center of my pedalboard to purchase a preamp + Poweramp more upscale. In any case, I have not found one yet that I fit better distortion than this ... Thank you for reading!

ruchflow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
It's an analog distortion pedal on the first two channels using a 12AX7 tube and the second combines the lamp over a transistor.


As has been said there are 6 knobs: gain for the lamp, sharp, low gain transistor, a knob that creates an asymmetric distortion (to add harmonics) and a master.


So we arrive at the essential sound.
It is a very dynamic equalizer pedal even if there is no Mid control is very effective unlike that of my amp (100 watt marshall transistor and Vox Valvetronix 15 watt you just turn the knobs as much as you want will not happen much).
With the first channel is just get a good crunch sound til very punchy hard rock heavy metal limits.
The second channel is overkill very very big sound. J'obtient nag ultra sound with the gain transistor was not even half of its stroke and the same thing to gain light, you really dose the setting.
I said my guitar is a sg voodoo I try a low-end ibanez its just not the same sound.
In summary this pedal is really suited to large metal exactly what I was looking for.


I use it for a few days and I am very happy with my purchase.
One can obtain a variety of its really puissant.J 've tried the mxr double shot in which I was told well and I was very disappointed because I can be really could not push it in the store In any case I tried the Rocktron in the same conditions and there is no comparison.
The value for money is very good I would do this purchase again.
If you push it too in the second channel the sound becomes a bit mushy so the appropriate mix of settings is the only negative I found it

bliss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
See description below.


You have to understand what each button. Overall once the qq subtleties they picked is pretty simple.

The little thing a little annoying is when one undertakes to change the lamp ... the return must be in the bowels of the beast ... long hair to achieve.


This pedal is very interesting. We go a step above traditional pedal saturation.

The advantage is the sound palette available, according to a mode to another.

(Used on Fender amp: the Concert II and Twin Silverface. Guitars LP std, Musicman Silhouette).


I personally find it a little too aggressive, but it depends on the style played.

Having tried a bunch of distortion, it is part of the upper basket.

It was not exactly what I want, but may agree without any problem many guitarists.