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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
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sylgra's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good, but I m`attendais more ..."

Xotic Effects AC Plus
Pedal-oriented sound VOX AC, this shall it be said ... in construction and ease of Usage Belle for ordinary guitarist ...


In terms of the User Manual, or rather the Lost sheet, which includes qu`une printed on both sides sheet describes the operation of the pedal (in English) .It are 2 models d`ajustement (setting) describes, but we can make our own choices by playing with the buttons, as n`importe pedal .... Just what shall it be possible to associate the channel A and channel B simultaneously ... which develops a larger distortion without going into heavy ...

B channel, rather a light overdrive while channel A is oriented more aggressive distortion, but not metal ...


Now for what we interress most d` a d` overdrive / distortion..c`est sound Let her bring us ...

Plugged into a Fender Telecaster Custom Shop, Let her send us j`ai noticed a slight noise fond.Mais if the two channels are joined together, we retouve with background noise quite annoying to my ears and ... the public ...

I think for a pedal of this price, it should s`attendre better ..

It`s the reason why I awarded him the score of 7 ....


Comparing with my other items that I have: Full-drive2 Carl Martin AC Tone, Wampler tweed 57 Boss bluesdriver that I like well, I m`attendais to cleaner in sound (noise light breeze) pedal quality / price ratio ...

To fix my problem, extraneous noise, I bought the Boss noise suppressor (ns-2) to the whole problem solved ...

I have bought this pedal on the net, so I do not l`ai try ... I'm not disappointed, but I think Let there may be better for less ..

I must admit that I am very demanding in terms of son.Peut be that my opinion does not plairat to all but j`avise people at the Let her breath issues (which is light but is there ... .Can be normal for an overdrive?).

Thank you for taking the time to read and good purchase .... Dear musicians .....

florent83330's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" really good"

Xotic Effects AC Plus
it is a double overdrive.
each channel can be used alone, or add to its neighbor.
channel (B) has a bass EQ / mid / treble, while the other (A) has a tone control.
Channel A pssède a small switch to configure it as a boost, the channel may also have a switch to compress the sound or not.
it is 100% analog and true bypass it seems.
solid construction.


easy config, plug, turn the knobs and play.
the manual, I did not read it.


the pedal is supposed to replicate a Vox AC30, hence the name.
the sound is superb whether one or the other channel.
Unlike grain is not terrible but it was still more saturated than the other channel.
I use it with a slight overdrive channel B, and A in OD max.
I have a telecaster deluxe with bare knucles brown sugar, and a standard 2008 paul also with the bare knucles the mule, all plugged into a mesa ta30.
as the gibson sounds, as the telecaster hard.
it's really good combination with the telecaster.


I use it for 6 months, I have tried many pedals, but it seems to me that Xotic is really super cam!
very reactive to the game with the right hand and very versatile!
quality at reasonable prices for the sound output report.
I remake that choice without worry, I highly recommend it!

snobinard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My little Rolls"

Xotic Effects AC Plus
Everything has been said, I just wanted to remember how this pedal is HUGE for those seeking uncompromising sound and sculptable at will.


Everything is done by ear! Bcp possibilities while remaining easy to use.

A real treat in concert to move from one beautiful crunch to a nice saturation example. The overdrive channel of my amp is set since I have.

A small downside to nitpick:
in use with both channels in series, the button that selects the channel A or B in front is small and can be used only in studio use ... a shame because it adds so many possibilities with this ... the + button boost + compression foot switchable so it would sound different available! (Which would be 5 buttons at the bottom, I agree ;-))


I still have not managed to take with her rotten, even though trying ...

Downside: the hum when you push the channels and that the links ... but you just play and it goes ;-)


An excellent pedal for just about every style, from jazz to metal in my opinion.

To buy the closed eyes as she responds to everything expected of a good distortion pedal, and more (the boost, the variety of sounds on hand / foot)

doume7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Xotic Effects AC Plus
Two effects in one.
In fact with two overdrive SERIES indpendamment possibility to use each of the other or both to initiate simultanment.


Volume and gain per channel
A channel with a selector level to "boost" over a rglage tonalitbr /> Channel B legalization same but with low acute mdium and spares.
A switch to reverse the choice of the chaining of channels: A> B or B> A
No need to take the head two hours with the manual (ultra light)


I also have an Ibanez TS 9 (with the chipset JRC 4558) which gave me dja Entire satisfaction but the dimension.
I bought the Xotic because I wanted an overdrive as transparent as possible, I am not.
The grain of my strat respct the pedals perfectly ragi impeccable volume, the available rglages can sculpt the sound, in short, happiness.
Each change of position means much micro.
An important point: I mount a Hot rails bridge, with a bin, adpote hairy.
Ouff harmonics, sharp sound without being garish, the top.
Everything is connected to a pramp Soldano SP 77, Peavey 50/50 power amp, an Alesis reverb and a pair of 1 x 12 Mesa.
I use the RC rather than on the clean channel (the channel saturated, there's dja everything you need in terms of gain !!!).
It gnial.
For cons, I am Reserved for "extend" the saturation of the channel crunch (all fawn, I have not purchased a!)


Reue for two days, I spent 40 hours on a 48 play with, it's top.
The only complaint triggers when the two channels with a level of drive lev a small hum is heard but I sup jack ....
The choice of sounds is hell, full respect of the grain of the guitar, the crunch is a rgal obtained, we will of almost crystalline overdrive crmeux thick and well ...
Nine is a bit expensive, but rather than buying 5 pedals "Suck" as a 50 take the plunge with a product that will keep eternam vitam.
no problem, if I am the pike, I go back on!

To consume without modration.
Finally, I wish prciser it will not help connecting this pedals on a "scoop" and a receiver mold.
Will be your exact equivalent to the quality of the worst components of the chain: in this case, do not expect miracles.

Popsyman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Xotic Effects AC Plus
It pedals with a 2-channel saturation type overdrive.
You can use Channel A, Channel B, Channel A => B, channel B => A.
It is equipped with a true bypass.


The classic rglages saturation for two channels:
- Volume on the level that plays well on
- Gain playing on the saturation
SETTING THE the gain for two channels can range from a lgre color saturation trs a big rock. The range of possible rglages is standard.
Channel A possde a rglage Tone Boost switch and increasing the saturation.
Channel B possde 3 rglages Bass Mid & Treble hyper efficient and a Comp switch that increases the effect of drive: not a compressor.
The manual is your ears.


In terms of sound quality, the pedals is unbeatable. It fully respects the sound of my guitar (Telecaster) and allows wide possibilities of trs rglages saturation: a lightweight overdrive goes from blues to jazz trs big rock without saturation altrer sound.
I put my cot TS 808 with no regrets.
I use the B channel for a lightweight bluesy drive and channel A for a more pronounced rock saturation. I do not use the 2 channels simultanment.


I use it for 2 months.
I finally found a distortion / overdrive that food not the sound of my guitar.
In addition, the PDAL has a large variety of trs rglages possible.
There are forcment sounds excellent.
It is oriented rock but I think she can do anything in this field.
A model is quite expensive (especially if you buy new) but good trs 2 pedals in one.
I recommend the power sector-because it consumes a lot of batteries.
I am a fan and I can not wait to try the other models in the Xotic.

Mandinette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Xotic Effects AC Plus
It is a fact that makes both the distortion boost.
It's two or three pedals in one.
Indeed, it has 2 separate channels that can be mixed into each other. the site and there are good youtube videos of the pedal.


The use is as with all pedals, turn and listen.
The settings are sensitive, so you can sculpt sounds very finely.


The quality is worthy of the reputation of Xotic.
Each channel has a feature that will boost the distortion has.
If you just want to boost, the gain is lowered and it mounts the volume.
If we want the distortion, we play on the gain and adjust the desired volume.
On channel B, can be refined bass, midrange and treble.
And of course all without distorting the original sound.

I do not about the metals, the best to go and see the demos on youtube or prosoundcommunications.

In any case, it's really very versatile and settings offer a range can be almost but not infinite!


-It has been four months since I and whatever my Start or my PRS sound is pro.

-What I like most is the variety of sound that can come out of the beast, it's also annoying because we want to have one or two more.

"I have already the BB Preamp, Keeley and I had Fulltone but the versatility of the AC Plus and far.

-The value for money is unbeatable in my opinion knowing that there is the pedal used less than 200 euros.

Refer this choice, I douute no, thank you Xotic Effect this deserves a 20 out of 10.