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Other Non-Chromatic Percussion user reviews

  • Remo ocean drum 16" ET-0216-00

    Remo ocean drum 16" ET-0216-00 - " Nickel ... just missing the albatross"


    It's been a while since I possess this instrument. I use it mainly in the context of meditation / relaxation but I'm already used for sessions of experimental music. When I was in labor I flashed it (I have not tried other at the time). The basi…

  • Remo Thunder drum SP050500

    Remo Thunder drum SP050500 - " Sympathetic"


    Purchased there over 6 months promo on a famous French website. I tried other models in another store famous Pigalle models but it was "thunder tube" only. This model (and the much larger version) has the distinction of having a skin on top making …

  • Pearl professional percussion

    Pearl professional percussion - " I love them"


    7 years I Esay 5 / 6 models and this one was by far the best sound the most accurate and sound quality not less than the most not the best value for money but without doubt the best sound, I would definitely do it again this choice …

  • Hokema Sansula basic

    Hokema Sansula basic - " Instrument tying"


    The sansula is a modern interpretation of the kalimba, also known as mbira or thumb piano, or thumb piano. It is an instrument native to sub-Saharan Africa, consisting of strips of metal attached to a wooden board or sometimes a hollow resonance. It …

  • Contemporanea Tantam bois 14" x 70 cm

    Contemporanea Tantam bois 14" x 70 cm - " Deep bass"


    It's been a week since I use it I tried to craft models, the model home Contemporeana aluminum, and wood and aluminum models from home Gope. Deep bass sound and safe ... No need to "fry" No latency, installation nickel in Windows and Mac (jok…

  • Evans EC2

    Evans EC2 - fry1985's review


    VERSION for resonant, bass and adds shortcuts resonance. For all bad if you want a little less resonant AC prevents breakage dynamics with sticky on the skin, it adds more body and a lot of bass. PS: for those who notes rating on the material…

  • Moperc bingba

    Moperc bingba - jeanrose's review


    Hello everyone, I want to give my opinion on n still disregarded the instrument of BINGBA Moperc. It's been three weeks that I practice and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound that ci.IL me at first bluff by his powerful bass compar…

  • Shadow Stompin' Bass

    Shadow Stompin' Bass - poufinou's review


    The Stompin'Bass is an "instrument" for crude, as a John Lee Hooker, accompanied by rhythmic tapping of the foot: boom, boom, boom, boom! Speciality Shadow is in the amplification of instruments. The Stompin'Bass presents itself in the form of a…

  • Lp Blast Blocks

    Lp Blast Blocks - pseudo_rare's review


    I use this percussion for 4 years in a context of rehearsal only. This product is very reliable, as often with LP (I possde indeed three other percussion instruments of the trademark, the LP acute jam block and LP sambago bells). But how does it…

  • Latin Percussion Block-617

    Latin Percussion Block-617 - IroncobrA's review


    I have bought yesterday Labaguetterie (about 23). I do not regret my purchase ... The sound is trs pretty, pretty fun and the clip is of good quality. The purple block is usually left (unlike the photo above) and back to orange, you probably un…