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Other Non-Chromatic Percussion user reviews

  • Lp Vibratone

    Lp Vibratone - moosers's review


    The LP Vibratone is a really cool and unique percussive instrument brought to you by the fine makers of percussion over at LP.  The instrument offers a bell like tone that is produced in various ways by hitting it with a mallet and opening and closin…

  • Lp Quinto classic

    Lp Quinto classic - Drummerguy's review


    These drums are wonderful drums. I've owned a set of four for 2 years now and absolutely love them. I personally only think there are three better sounding drums out there today- The vintage Gon Bops era drums, drums by Isla percussion (http://isla…


    Lp SHEKERE PRO - Drummerguy's review


    First off- ain't nothing like the real thing....baby. But for those of you who are not inclined to dry your own gourds and string your own chekere, this is not a bad instrument. The instrument is fiberglass, as opposed to a real gourd, which create…

  • Latin Percussion patato serie

    Latin Percussion patato serie - Drummerguy's review


    These aren't bad drums at all- I played them extensively in college and have a lot of experience on other drums (in a variety of situations!) to compare them against. First off you've got to realize what you give and what you get: These drums are m…

  • Tama Octobans 4 Pièces

    Tama Octobans 4 Pièces - "Tama Octobans"


    I got the octobans from a dealer ship, AJ's pro Percussion. I got them for a christmas present, and I think they were about 70 $$$. I love the sond, so I asked for them. I love the sound and look of this instrument. It is a high-piched but warm soun…

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