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All user reviews of 5/5 for the reFX Nexus 2

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 7 reviews50 %
 6 reviews43 %
Value For Money : Correct

Azuma's review

reFX Nexus 2
There weren't any kind of compatibility issues , the program works very good on any platform available.
The book provided with the program was quite good, well detailed , all the information that was relevant to the product itself was well explained there.

General configuration and setup is straight forward , fast and easy to follow along.


The software works very good and its stability is pro and quality of the sounds is beyond decent.

The functions and the performances are very nice , its great having a great rampler that consists from a lot of sounds , tweaks , options , effects and other great options.

I've been using this product for about 3 months , but I've used quite a lot in many songs.


What I like most about it is the multitude of the sounds provided with it , you can easily combine a couple of layers and work only with this rampler and your song would sound fully , pro and complete.
I really like the new expansions which sound more current , the brass selection , the choir is also a very powerful tool from nexus , there are certain bells which also sound very good in a mix.
I like also the build-in arp which can change the way a certain sound is heard.

There is also a great mix of concert pianos , broken piano and slow strings , which in combination sound very very pro.

My opinion about the value of price is good , this product embraces a lot of sounds , options , tweaking and options , which take this product to a whole new level , so its worth the money.

Precision and quality of the sound is very good , however the old expansions sound a little out of "tune" , meaning that they are old and the sound library evolved so keep that in mind.

nicko97's review" the best virtual instrument"

reFX Nexus 2
installation without problems, general configuration was easy, no incompatibilities, user manual a bit thin....


imac osx snow leopard,i5, 4 gb ram, digi 003 sound card, works perfectly fine with this configuration, stable hardware/software configuration.


I've been using it for three months and its the best virtual instrument that I've had up to now. The sounds are incredible!!!

Value for money? It's expensive for a virtual instrument, but you really get your money's worth.

I would buy it again with my eyes closed.

Colyder's review" Simple and effective"

reFX Nexus 2
No problems during the installation, but be sure to have a USB port available for the copy protection key.


My PC is a performance beast for 2010 standards (the configurations have changed, so there's no point in me detailing them), but I've seen the Nexus run perfectly well on more modest setups and even on laptops. It may be a bit resource-intensive, depending on the presets (it's a sampler).

In terms of sound, it is a real heavyweight, but very overused in a lot of current productions. The sounds are easily identifiable, but they nevertheless remain useful. VENGEANCE sees to it that the software is regularly supplied with diverse and varied libraries.
Don't expect a synthesizer but rather a sampler with a few knobs. It truly pushes the ready-to-play concept to the pinnacle. Browsing menus is not tedious and it would've been nice to have a supplementary edit menu, but don't forget that it's a sampler.


It is now almost a year since I've had it and I use it primarily to sketch ideas with powerful sounds right out of the plug. For more personality you will need to resort to a synth.
Nexus fulfills splendidly its role as a quality sampler that can be easily used within a song.
I use it primarily for electronic/techno music, but its sounds can also perfectly suit trance or drum 'n' bass.

+: sound quality, energy, easy to understand, ideal for electro house
- : the price might be a hindrance (especially considering that you need to add sound libraries to it), used on many current productions.
DJ Henny01/28/2011

DJ Henny's review"Brilliant all purpose VST."

reFX Nexus 2
The VST worked pretty much perfectly with the two computers that I have used it on. I have used it on a low end computer (1.8GHZ pentium and 1gb ram) as well as my current (2.5GHZ Core2Quad & 4GB ram) and it runs equally as brilliant on both. The install is painless and extremely simple and the layout of the VST is typically emphatic. There are many skins that you can use to improve the layout erganomically. The browser is very easy to use.


Nexus 2 is a very very stable VST from my experience. I have had no crashes at all coming from it and it has worked with almost all of the expansions that I have used (I will talk about them in next section). I have used this plugin for most of my music for the last year and I would literally be nowhere without it. I have used this plugin in both FL Studio 9 and Ableton Live, and encountered 0 problems with it.


The sounds that come with Nexus as presets are beyond any other plugin I've ever used. The quality that comes out of nearly all of them is industry ready. I love the expansions that can come with Nexus too allowing even MORE sounds than the already comfy 8 or so GB that come stock with the plugin. The only problem is some third party expansions have not worked as well as the original presets, and don't come categorised. The arpeggiator on the plugin is very simple to use too, with a click in method. The sounds can be effect heavy but they are easy to disable from the interface. The only downside to the actual sounds are the lack of modelling oppurtunitys, so people who want to tweak sounds heavily would probably not have much joy from Nexus. Knowing what I do after purchasing, I would not hesitate again as it is an integral part of my production.

simon.hermesse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" PERFECT!"

reFX Nexus 2
Very easy to install! It's great.
Everything in the system is perfect!


I have a 2009 Mac running Mac OSX 10.8.3. Everything works fine.
Re: Congratulations!


I have since 9 May 2013. It's really amazing!
The "Preset", the "Skins" ... Everything is very, very useful, beautiful (sound).
I recommend it to anyone!
The price is a bit expensive but well worth it!
I redo the direct choice!!!

FrenchClub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my main tool components electro"

reFX Nexus 2
For my part I can do without

I am very electro commercial (yes has fun radio) so it is only of happiness sounds .. I have a virus ti desktop and I sold it because all I wanted sonoritées were already at the inner Nexus

it is sure that it is not made for awesome sound .. lol .. since sounds are already perfect!!
(Plus it sounds created with the virus, Nordlead, dx7, so the sounds are created already lol ... but we can adjust well)

you want the sound of house mafia "your name"?? it is already done, sound pieces guetta? .. dedant ... remady ..?. Deadmau, Avicii, LMFAO ..? .. vendetta .. FLORIDA .. basto PitBull ...? ... everything!

make bass dubstep electro ... excellent ... or you just take the raw sound ... is it you metter of fact, an arp ... a gate .. and "IF" sounds are flexible .. . oscilliators you can change then change the sound ..

Brief Me "electronic business" nexus .. no .. not worth even Sylenth1, massive, vanguard or others are not as I want to make the sounds ..

pads are gorgeous, all kinds as you want .. the bass electro, fx, sounds classic, piano, violin, guitar, sax, flut are great for rap electro, dance, trance, dub movies bo ......

Future Arp, Kamui, Nuelectro, Electro bass, millenium pop, Hollywood, statosphere, trance elements, electro dubstep ... Omicron .., hand leads up ... trance element, classic trance, FM, darkplanet, sid, crank, after ski ..........

I use it. MIDI with my master keyboard on FL STUDIO join the pack .. revenge .. it is excellent .... with some eq .. stereo, exiter. fx, white noise .. sidechain, limiter, compressor, filters fondue. reverb and it's wonderful ..
try you will understand what I mean!


nikel it works without problems on my i5 .. I have a focusrite pro 24 dsp .. Saffir 2 rockit 5


I use it for 4years little ready .. I tried many vst .. through mass (which is very good attention) Sylenth 1 ... vanguard .. FM8 .. Nordlead, access virus ti ... absynth ... Pro53 ... and many others .... firebird, predator,

what I like is that .. no need to take a look head a sound that you like in a radio piece ...! you!

ca is the nonprofit?? (For some biensure)

even if you want to make a remix carément, millenium pop is perfect .. you directly recorded sequences of all the artists on the hit parade, guetta, benassi bross, speedyj, black eyed peace ..
sounds of old video games like Street Fighter, R type, pacman, the sequence of Soundtrack series? ... beverly hills cop, popcorn, brief ....

certe it is expensive (250 euro) a expension 50 euro ... but it's worth it for those who want to trade pieces has basto .. guetta, pitbull rihana .. .. .. florida .. BeP
yes yes yes I will ever purchase directly! before any other vst

when you have all expensions .. you all!!

trancer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

reFX Nexus 2
Simply put, a breeze to install and extensions.


I have a MAC PRO 8 cores and 10 gigs of ram, and ProTools 9 LIVE 8.

The logciel works great, stability is a pure happiness.

For stability, no worries, reFX products, Best of the Best.


I use it for over a year.

I like everything, the only downside is the price the same as a Virus Ti2 rack for example, Nexus and two extensions.

Now, this is only my opinion, the Nexus is the 2 virtual clone of Ti2, I speak in terms of sounds, of course.

Simply put, it's a Nexus rompleur, no brainer, the sound is immediate, no need to go through menus, etc. .., it's direct.

Now everything depends on the value, I personally do not know anything synthetic, so for me to not have to have millions of controllers, I wanted to direct sound, without the fuss and there, the Nexus' s is simply the ultimate synth, the heavy, really.

I have a lot of synhté Virtual Vanguard, a real bomb too (ReFX), V-series 2.0, Korg Legacy, Avid products, Gladiator 2, Spectrasonics (all) as the bomb, etc. ..

But I particularly like the Nexus 2, this synth for me was a revelation, I have no share in the partnership, but synhté, it's very, very heavy.

An excellent sound quality, a presence, big sound, in short the Top.

For the price, it's true, it's expensive, but the quality and stability at a price, in addition, the site is kept up to date, more significant.

I do it again without any worries whatsoever and I look forward more.

Synth virutel gain absolutely, with extensions in addition, of course.