Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

BD-2 Blues Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

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moosers's review

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is an overdrive guitar pedal. It is an analog pedal and has a 1/4 inch input and output. It takes a 9 volt battery or can be powered by the Boss TU-2 tuner pedal if you have the power supply and daisy chain. It is not a rackable unit and as it is a stomp box.


The general configuration and set of the BD-2 couldn't be easier. It has three knobs - one for level, one for tone, and one for gain. After a few minutes of playing around with this, you should be able to figure out what everything does exactly and get a quick good sound from it. It is easy to get a light, subtle overdrive or to get a nice thick tone. I don't have a manual for this, but like most Boss manuals, it is probably pretty thorough. This being said, the pedal is easy to figure out and most probably won't need a manual.


The Boss BD-2 has a really nice tone quality to it and is usable for other genres besides blues. I have only use this with guitar and I probably wouldn't recommend it for use with any other instrument, although it would work fine. I just think the specific tone this has it probably best with guitar. It is great for playing blues lead lines and also works great as an all around rhythm guitar overdrive.


I've been using the Boss BD-2 for about four or five years. While I don't use it all the time, when I am looking for a specific type of overdrive, this can work like a charm. Boss has a reputation for make quality products, and this pedal definitley fits that bill. It would be hard to break and has a great overall tone quality. The price, like most Boss pedals like this one, is quite cheap and players on all budgets could probably afford one of they wanted it. If you play blues and are looking for an overdrive that isn't too heavy, I definitley recommend taking a look at this.

MGR/fenelon's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Purchased at Kayes Music Scene, Canoga Park, CA for $79.99.
After consulting with numerous fellow musicians on the best and worst of overdrives. Weighing out the money factors against quality factors and playing with the 2 finalist I settled on the Boss BD2.

The pure quality of tone I get with the equipment I use was the deciding factor. The price being twenty dollars less than my next option wasn't bad either. The contagious tone from the BD2 is round, expressive, smooth, and sultry. The controls make it easy to dial-up that sound you've been hearing in the back of your head.

Nothing, it's just what I wanted.

Brawn and beauty combined--it's built to last with aesthetics to boot.

I would get it again in an instant. Great tone and durability at a great price!

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MGR/Tim B.08/18/2004

MGR/Tim B.'s review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
I bought this pedal from Sam Ash for $80 and it was worth every penny!

This pedal is so versatile! It blows me away how sensative the knobs are! The slightest twist of a tone or overdrive knob brings about a totally new sound! I could easily gig with just this pedal and have a great amount of versatility. You can go anywhere from the slightest overdrive to a nice, tube amp overdriven tone, to a heavy, loud, grunge overdrive that sounds so impressive. Although the name implies "Blues", you could easily use this pedal for anything from jazz to Rock. I like the color too. and of course, the Boss name guarantees that this thing will outlast me!

There is only one thing about this pedal that could pose a problem - it sucks up 9V batteries like there's no tomorrow! This problem doesn't affect me, however, because I also have the Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner and I plug that into the wall with an adapter and then attach my other pedals to my tuner with a daisy chain. So, because I don't use batteries, this doesn't pose a problem for me. I would highly suggest getting the adapter for this pedal, though, because it does use up the battery power pretty quickly. That's my only gripe, even though it doesn't affect me.

What can I say besides, "It's a Boss!" That says plenty on it's own. This pedal is solid metal construction and is made to outlast the owner. I'll probably be selling this thing on ebay on my bed and it'll be as good as new, due to the infamous Boss quality! :)

For anything from Jazz to Blues to Rock, this is the pedal for you! Get it! (But get the adapter too!)

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MGR/Scott's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
I got my blues driver off ebay. I wanted something that had a little gain for soloing and I did a lot of reading before I got it and I liked it so I got it. I paid 50 dollar's for it and I'm happy I did.

You can use it with blues or rock or jazz or country. Its small and takes up no room you can take it any where. If you get one it will last you your whole life. You can get a lot of sounds out of it. It sounds some like a tube amp. Goes great with all amps and guitars. I like every thing about it.

Nothing. I like it all but it eats up 9 volt batteries. You will wan adapter. I like it all.

made of metal caseing and will last you for the rest of your life.

It gives you any thing you need I think most people that have one will say the same thing.

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MGR/Steven Houston02/22/2002

MGR/Steven Houston's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Bought used at a local guitar store because I wanted a bluesy sound. I paid about 50$ for it.

Excellent range of tones, good crunch to it, great for rock, and of course blues. With it set to max, fiddling with the tone knob can get you some heavier sounds too. Amazing for soloing.

It can almost handle punk, but even maxxed out, it never loses that crunch that it has. Not really a problem for me, because i like it, but you may want somthing heavier depending on what you play.

It's Boss.

Bottom line, I play all kinds of stuff when i gig, from weezer to AC/DC, to clapton, to Pearl Jam . . . even a little ozzy now and again . . . this pedal is a favorite.

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MGR/Roy's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Bought in San Diego for the value.
Paid $60.

Recently, I had my BD-2 Blues Driver modified by Robert Keeley. (
It’s officially called a Tube Tone Mod or a BD-2 Mod. Having played many overdrive pedals throughout the years, this pedal, with the mod, is up there with the best. Stock models sound muddy at high gain levels. In addition, the tone knob is virtually useless. It only captures dull to harsh. Robert changes 6 capacitors in all to increase the bass response and change the harshness of the tone control. He uses high quality capacitors instead of what Boss chooses to use. Now, the pedal can dial in bluesy-gritty sounds or high-gain tones of a tube amp. NOT EXAGGERATING!! And, it sounds natural. The mod takes out the buzzy sound of a stock model. I can actually use the tone knob to dial in Fender or Marshall sounds. It is currently the only overdrive pedal on my board. I play through an old Marshall Plexi and a newer TSL 100. The pedal sounds very natural with both amps. Even through my practice amp, a Vox solid state 15 watter. Guitars include a Les Paul, Jazzmaster, Tele and a Hamer, and the pedal brings out the best in all guitars.


Stock models sound un-natural.
With the Keeley mod, the pedal sounds great.

Constructed well.



Without mod rated 2
With mod rated 10 on a 1 to 5 scale

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MGR/Pete's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
I have only been playing for 1 year, and I I bought the BD for about $75 at a local music store in PA. It is worth the money, very durable, heavy metal casing for its size, like all Boss pedals.

I got it because my friends brother, he has played for about 7 years, and he used one and i liked it's bluesy tone.

I like the tones I can get from it. I play a Squier now through a shitty amp,( I am getting a Parker P-38 for x-mas) and it sounds great, without gain it gives a full, clear sound, with gain to 10, it gives a great classic rock/brit blues sound. There is a tone control, a level(volume) control, and a control for gain. The Blues Driver is a great sounding, high quality unit, and I recommend it.

Not much, you might want to get an adaptor because it eats up a 9 volt in about 20 hours. Besides that I can't think of anything else.

Made of a metal casing( same as all Boss pedals, very durable). I have owned it for about 5 months, and I have had no problems so far.

If you you need a classic rock/british blues/heavy metal-maybe:) sound in a quality package, the Blues Driver is for you.

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fatfinger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super pedal"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Pedal Type "Over Drive" but with more of "testosterone" as classic as OD Ibanez TS. "Mine" is located between Over Drive and distortion. Clearly, we can "cruncher" slightly to downright!


Easy adjustment and fully detailed on the form provided with when buying.
In my opinion, this book is a good start to get a real idea of ​​the potential of the contraption.


For me it is not the best overdrive pedal, but it is my favorite. It sounds more "chemical" that Ibanez TS9 (which I also, hence the comparison), but it has more bass and punch. Crunch is delicious and whatever volume level of the amp. This is not the case with "ma" TS9, expressed much better when the receiver reaches a certain volume level. So, when I work at home, I only starts the BD2.Notez it goes very well with other OD pedals or distortion. Mine is silent, so RAS at this level.


I waited a long time before I offer. But I do not regret the purchase. As mentioned above, this is not perhaps not the best pedal in its class but it is very versatile and potentiometers are very effective. Can sculpt 5 or 6 different sounds and usable dice the first hours of operation ... This is a very good pedal for me, very comfortable in blues, R & B and even rock.

goldorock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" superb sound"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver


Very simple and multiple uses:
Treble-boost (improve a solo)
-overdrive/disto blues to rock: stevie ray trend (in its lighter than the TS9)
-Have a clean sound (strat) as if it is plugged into a Fender amp
3 good points!
I put 9/10 because for the booster, it's great
for the more clean, kind Fender is great too
and the way TS9 overdrive, the sound is nice and warm bcp, pt be less natural, but in the end I prefer the pedal to the TS9 cold
very good pedal to have in his pedals! the sound is just magical, beautiful, sharp but not so garish set
For overdrive (acdc trend) may be preferred pedal lamp or TS9 but the blues driver has a very good sound for a pedal that is not light


Very good even if the pedals have a light sound more realistic, but will not have the SUPER CLEAN it gives


I compared to the TS9 and vox COOLTRON (sound + light, beautiful, + overdrive acdc trend, but it is less sturdy than other pedals lamps)
For now, I use that to get a clean sound, more blues, more strat
or as a treble boost
and it is great for all that
I even wanted to put in my two pedals!

The TS9 is beautiful but cold: less digital sound pt be

I think you can get tired of the distortion of the blues driver but no sound great clean sound

novo2010's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very very convincing"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
This is a Boss pedal, therefore, super sturdy, inside (e) and outside.
Important note for those who start with the pedals: attention to the power supply! The Boss PSA (30 €) does not buzz. This is not the case with most other ...
Advantage of the boss pedals: LONG walk with a 9V battery, provided we think to unplug the guitar cable after use!


Fairly obvious. For ideas of setting, see the video of the Boss site.


This is great for me. I use it with a Gibson Les Paul plugged into a tube amp Black Heart Little Giant. This is ... beautiful!
Even on fairly rotten amp transistors of rehearsal, we believe it. Nothing to do with the very poor quality of most of the overdrive channel ...
Obviously, this is an old school overdrive: metalheads, go your way!


I've had over a year. This was my first pedal. Before I used the overdrive channel of the amp (roland cube) is something else, anything else!
I highly recommend it.