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All user reviews for the Lovepedal Eternity

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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glassjaw7's review"Warm, amp-like overdrive at its finest!"

Lovepedal Eternity
If you haven't heard of or tried a Lovepedal product, do yourself a favor and give one a spin! Possibly the most popular of these pedals is the Lovepedal Eternity.

The Eternity is an extremely warm and natural sounding overdrive with amp-like qualities.
Touted by some as a Tubescreamer ripoff or copy, the unit is actually anything but; sure it's vaguely based on the TS circuit, but that's where the similarities end. I'll get into the tone in a bit.

There are several versions of the Eternity available, and each circuit is slightly different. Mine is the black box with blue led, and "chicken head" style pointer knobs.

There are three controls: Level, Glass, and Drive


This pedal is very easy to dial in. Three knobs and a warm overdrive tone. You really can't make this thing sound bad. Dial with you ears, and not your eyes as the Glass control and the Drive interact with each other in a unique way. This isn't your basic tone and drive eq section, so resorting to basic tube screamer settings won't warrant the best results with this pedal.


Glass is a bit different than your average "tone" control. It acts almost like a treble booster and doesn't merely cut off or add presence.
Taking the glass control through its range is a cool experience, as the tone never becomes dull or lifeless, or thin and flat like on a TS9. The Eternity's Glass control is useable throughout its entire range.

The Drive is beautiful and warm and just a bit crunchy. Also important to notice is how the Glass and Drive controls interact with each other. With the drive set low, you can really open up the Glass control and get a very clear and gritty overdrive. Crank up the Drive and you may need to back down the Glass knob so the tone doesn't become too cutting. The E's tone is not compressed compared to many other overdrives and TS clones. It is open sounding and very clear. All of the Lovepedal products I've played have a signature sound in the high mids/high end. It's hard to explain, but it's like a dry sizzle that is just barely present. I like it and it adds a complex overtone to the gain of this pedal!

This is warm amp-like overdrive at its finest!


Sean at Lovepedal has been crafting some of the finest hand-made stomp boxes available at any price point.
He has truly built a better mouse trap!
If you're sick of overly compressed, bright and thin sounding overdrives, do yourself a favor and grab a Lovepedal! You won't be disappointed!

brui2fon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lovepedal Eternity
TS type OD, analog pedal, 3 knobs DRIVE VOL GLASS (tone)


very simple and effective


excellent like TS OD
super voicing, with a very one on a Fender Stratocaster, the foot!
pr the ideal pedal SRV ZZ Top


excellent build quality, its perfect, reliable and robust