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Art PA & Live Sound Accessories user reviews

  • Art PB4x4

    Art PB4x4 - moosers's review


    The Art PB 4x4 is an power conditioner for powering up the outboard gear in your home studio. Of course you can use it to power up whatever you'd like, but the fact that it sits in a single space rack mountable unit highly suggests that it's best pl…

Translated user reviews
  • Art DTI

    Art DTI - " I do again my choice for this little device !!!"


    I have been using 2 months. This is my first camera in this kind of !!! I search for some years to remove unwanted sounds !!!, and the noise !!! parasite, and the buzzing noise too !!! in my amps & prodipe my mixer Yamaha. Now it's done, the so…

  • Art DTI

    Art DTI - " Excellent (if used correctly)"


    I have DTI recent years. It fills his office so well that I bought two more. Just make sure you know how to use: it is not a DI but a transformer isolator line level. An ID that fits any signal at a microphone input. A transformer for isolating ins…

  • Art DTI

    Art DTI - "Works... in a way"


    I use it in PA for about a year. In DI classic is variable, sometimes it works, sometimes there is a buzz that makes it unusable. I do not know where it comes from the electrical equipment, mass problem, EMI ... But I do not care, I always use …

  • Art DTI

    Art DTI - tyser059's review


    Hello everyone, I just got this DI few hours ago, this is the first I tried, I test the DI on my laptop; problems buzz and the ground loop was meant to high volume have totally disappeared, the sound is much better quality sound without interference,…

  • Art DTI

    Art DTI - shaltayl's review


    <ul class="ul"> For how long have you been using it? </ul> I use it for 1 week <ul> Did you try many other models before getting this one? </ul> No, I just tried the NHT PVC but is more volume control. <ul> What thing do yo…