M-Audio Omni Studio
M-Audio Omni Studio

Omni Studio, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Omni Studio

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 12 reviews )
 10 reviews83 %
 2 reviews17 %
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

M-Audio Omni Studio
Very nice piece of entty level kit for somebody looking to experiment, understand and get to grips with monitor mixes, (as is mixerless) software mixing provided with the software, stereo effect returns, the mixing section with all balanced/unbalanced on TRS jacks. It's quite flexible as i used the four available outputs occassionally as additional effects sends, but mainly routed to a secondary mixer. The unit is however missing an DSP processing power, for a combined unit such as this would be nice.

Price paid: $300 USD


Never looked at the manual, never needed to really intuitive approach the configurations.


If you do pick one of these boxes from somewhere, as they are PCI interfaced, they wouldn't have been taken anyway (assuming that people with BIG DESKTOPS just leave em in the studio-Fair assumption) The steal case does feel fairly STURDY! I've never needed to open the box to look inside it, so i'm not too sure of it's internal durability.


Uses DMP2 pre-amp technology, while not exactly producing the warmth of high end pre-amp, still for the price of the unit not bad. It's also switchable to hi-impedance instrument inputs with 46dB of gain, for your basses electrics and accoustic guitars (but why you'd want to record an accoustic linein is beyond me! there are applications, but otherwise YUK!) With that said having your DI box on hand is advisable for you'll still need it.

RIGHT, the lowdown! For a NEWBIE with a desire to learn via experimenting, trying out different chains of available hardware, routing sound all over the place, it has alot out FUNCTIONALITY, and more importantly flexibility! A great songwriters tool but moreover offers a bridge towards routing sound to outboard EQ's, effects ETC ETC lots and lots of options to homing ones production skills. USB/Firewire models of the same unit are now more properly avialable! If the sight of a patchbay causes you distress, then messing around with a product like this exactly what you need! For once that's done you can say it's time to bring on your High END MOTU/pro tools units!

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: syedansar ( 1-, 2006)

miramadar's review"M-Audio Omni Studio"

M-Audio Omni Studio
Bought this piece of equipment from Musician's Friend for $319. It came with the Delta66 audio card (PCI) and the Omni breakout box. I just needed an inexpensive way to turn my PC into a digital recording studio for home use.

The audio card installs just like any PCI card into your PC's motherboard. It was very easy. My PC detected the new hardware and I installed the drivers included with the card. The Omni breakout box connects to the audio card via a 15-pin DB cable. The breakout box is a "must have". Instead of fumbling around behind your pc to hook up and unhook instrument cables, you just plug your instruments into the breakout box. The DB cable included with the Omni Studio is 6 feet long, so it gives you enough length to set the breakout box in a convenient place. And the breakout box has all sorts of controls, input and outputs, so its very versatile. And the sound is great! Very, very low noise with this model and the digital reproduction of live sound is extremely accurate. It came with 2 manuals (one for the Delta66 audio card and one for the Omni breakout box) that were well written and relatively easy to understand (though this isn't a simple piece of equipment!). Another handy feature is that the 2 analog inputs are "Neutrix" jacks, meaning you can plug an XLR or 1/4" cable into them. Very handy!

This is an awesome unit for the money. I do with the DB cable was a little longer. The breakout box is rather smallish (2in high X 9in wide X 6in deep). There are so many knobs, inputs and outputs that everything is sort of crammed onto the unit. Some of the knobs are hard to turn because of their close proximity to other knobs. But everything is well labeled and, if you have some background with basic music gear, rather intuitive. But be sure to read the manual BEFORE you even hook it up! One other thing...you only have 4 inputs (2 Neutrix jacks and 2 1/4" jacks), so if you plan on recording more than 4 voices/instruments at once, you'll have to use an external mixer.

The Delta66 audio card seems well built, but all PCI cards look the same to me. The Omni breakout box is very well constructed. It has a heavy metal frame and the knobs and buttons feel like high-quality components. All in all, it seems very heavy duty.

I've had this unit for about 4 months now and I've been very impressed with the quality construction of the unit. But the true test of any equipment like this is the sound quality. Trust me, this unit sounds great. It's fairly easy to use (but you MUST read the manual!). I would highly recommend this unit to anyone interested in home recording.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/ex-machina's review"M-Audio Omni Studio"

M-Audio Omni Studio
Purchased at www.mtlc.net in 2003 for about $420.00. I would recommend purchasing from a larger retailer, personally, because MTLC does not stock much merchandise, and you have to wait for them to order it from the distributor before they ship.

This interface is flexible, reliable, and sounds terrific- everything I wanted in an interface. If you don't need 8 mic preamps, then this is the next best thing to a MOTU interface. It's got great routing options and is built very solidly. Installation was easy, and the manual is thorough.

Learning the ins and outs (pun intended) of this system will require concentration and a little reading. It's not as intuitive as I would have hoped, but I would rather have control options galore than utter simplicity. Other than getting to know the unit, I have absolutely no complaints. I've used it for a year now with guitars, mic, and line inputs, with no problems.

Built like a tank. A very small tank. With mic inputs. And, it's not camoflauged like a tank.

It would be nice if they would space the knobs farther apart, to make folks with big fingers able to easily adjust them. That's probaby my biggest complaint, actually.

Overall quality of construction is outstanding.

I would recommend this unit to anyone just getting into computer recording, and even pros. A friend bought a cheaper unit right after I got this one, and he's had nothing but problems with his. Spend the extra money, bypass the whole USB issue, and go for this one. The fact that it uses the Delta 44/66 series cards inside your computer to interface with makes USB problems someone else's problems.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/DaveyRocket's review"M-Audio Omni Studio"

M-Audio Omni Studio
Musicians friend. Wanted a top level quality interface to my Sonar XL S/W for home studio recording. Paid @$435 in 2001.

The pre-amp section is clean, quite, and very accurate. The (2) 1/4" and (2) Combo XLR -1/4" inputs support both balanced and unbalanced inputs (great for high impedance guitar and balanced POD and other inputs). Also has SPDIF I/O, Inserts, Direct outs, dual/ independent controlled head phone outs, and more features that make this a complete mixing console for the home Studio person. Supports unto 3 units tied together and sync'd via the SPDIF to make a more complete DAW. The Zero latency is REAL. This is one awesome unit that has performed flwalessly for the past 1.5 years and keeps on ticking without fail.

Considering tried other units and how it surpasses them, especially at the $$ point. None I can really state after the year and half of continuos use for personal and local band recording.

The only itme might be if they could squeeze it into a 1/2 size unit so 2 could be racked up in a single space. But given what it provides, probably not feasible.

Top notch. Lasted for 1.5+ years so far with mostly daily use.

If you want a PCI unit capable of being liked and expanded to support a large number of inputs. This unit rocks. Given it's age, if the price drops, GRab it!! Even if it is "only" 96Khz sample rate capable, most reviews show that is still more than enought to make a top notch demo!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

fjag1309's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Omni Studio
I chose this card (my Premire) here based on reviews from this site. I was looking for a quality rendering tool all in one (pramplis Intgr from the Delta 44 for example). And porting over my needs and knowledge of the moment (not much since I d stumbled). Ide had to work my own songs and covers with parties playing the guitar and singing and the rest in virtual instruments.
On a PC with home made Pentium 4 2.4 Gh, Asus P4P800 motherboard and HDDs for 120G and 20G to give Systm, I mainly use Cubase SX1 with all sorts of plug ins.


I have never encountered any problem during the installation or, nor in the use of this card. The configuration of the card is simple enough even for beginners, the manual is comprehensive and accessible.


Everything was smooth and I have never changed the original drivers (ASIO). Ditto for anything that relates latency. I look for curiosities but the default config was perfect.
I record 4 tracks simultaneously without worry, the maximum for that interface. The ability to leave chanage imagine that could go further as all this is trivial Fawn.


I have this card for 3 years.
By dint of reading articles evokes a particular malfunction or incompatibility can not be happy qu'tre card without notable problem.
If we add that a good quality audio trs (I say no point of comparison but based on what I hear) and the possibility of using enough shoots (insert the IN the fawn in a mixer for example.), we can Whereas the deck was good the first time (thank you all who have guided me in this choice).
The report quality price? Pay 300 new in rusant a little is great!

For the same type of need, I definitely would do this choice. Today, I returned to service within a group and is considering recording drum tracks for which 4 are somewhat limited. It also lacks some connection types for a total volutivit. And mobile solutions are also attractive ...
But for a fixed station budget and needs in terms of Modra, the card rack and are sure about.
Monsieur Un10/15/2005

Monsieur Un's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Omni Studio
Sound card with A / D 24/96
2 headphones
2 Between versatile with XLR Jacks or pr Amli button and adjustable 20 db
Switchable phantom power
Possibility to effect a multi-insert
All possible exits the back of the rack
Rack 1 / 2 format
Computer: Pentium 4 2.8 GHTZ DDR 512 RAM Dual Channel motherboard MHtz internal bus 800, graphics core, 80 GB hard drive 7200 rpm and fragment 3 (C, D and E) + Disk 80 GB external hard drive (very convenient when backups audio).


Install trs trs simple
Namely: rgler latency if you do not want behind MIDI keyboard.
Manual very simple and easy to ACCS.
A real pleasure ...


Drivers only stable because it has been two years since I worked with and I have not had Pb yet.

Number of simultaneous recording tracks for now I'm all up to 20 audio tracks and 15 noon with insert effects on some tracks and virtual instruments on the tracks south.


2 years of use.
No particular feature I dislike about this card is extra, P_____N of a sound, trs pramp of a good quality easy to use maximum comfort of playing and r tings.
Price level quality: Nickel RAS
If I had to buy a card today: a well-sr Omni Studio ... when I see how some of my friends galrent with other brands ... at least I'm not the zic the troubleshooting info in my sessions.
The rendering is really Fidler's original instrument: this card is a jewel.
NB: To see if I have to buy another, can I be on my way to the Omni Studio USB but I was nervous about the reliability of USB. The trick practice, all the same, it can go anywhere with USB ... with the weight of the computer and the screen, I am a bit limited in my dplacements with the card set ...
I still think the same sound card rack + Delta look better than USB ...
Tip: Omni USB with a laptop and an Omni (Delta 66 + Rack) with the computer CPU.

Micky201's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Omni Studio
Features clear m-audio website.
I use it to record songs taken, a synth (dx-7) and a guitar.
My config:
PC P4 3Ghz, Intel motherboard Rocklake, 1.5 GB RAM, HD 80 GB S-ATA.


Installation done by the dealer, but I know it went smoothly.
The manual is clear for me. Nothing special to report.


The drivers are stable, very stable.
I use it on Cubase SL3 and it turns really well.
I have a latency of 6 ms.


I use it for about a year and I am very happy. It's nice to have a material that is known to be forgotten. I mean it works all the time without crashing once, allowing to focus on music instead of playing to the repairer.

The preamps are good and the recording quality is very good.

In short, I am very happy.

albeniz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Omni Studio
P4 2 ghz
the pramp are good
I use intensment for 1 ½ years, it's solid!


Install in 10 minutes ...


Stable drivers in cubase sx
latency reasonable vsti
direct monitoring without pb


I pay 500 euros a year ago and maintemant one can find the Delta 1010 400 euros in Paris
but I would do without this choice pb

abruti2004's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Omni Studio
Trs well thought out this whole rack + card has advantages sduisants: 2 pramps, inserts, 2 headphone outputs ... Other configs are outputs + rcemment nanmoins STUDY
My config: Athlon XP 1700 512 DDR chipset nforce 2.
microphone akg c 3000


No problem, perfect with cubase, reason, logic ... Delta drivers are developed for a long time, and manual config easy enough.
on the other hand, bp sync audio in cubase afternoon with the shuttle nforce 2, but not with classical config Leadtek nForce 2 motherboard .... any fawn this problem must be with rsoudre maj xp.


Reduces latency, direct monitoring, trs good rsultats and crashes in multi-existent ....
Headphone amplifiers wonderful, good reserve of breath and dynamics pramp nonexistent ...
Nanmoins, if they give good trs rsultats on electric guitar, acoustic bass, and static port (guitar amps, percussion ...), They rvlent a fair bit of voices (sound a little dull and treble a little stiff ...), well below my table pramplis STK. It is better to attach an external prampli trs good, because the Delta converters are excellent.


APRs have used the Delta 66 for 2 years with happiness, I told him the Deputy omni ...
We work quickly and well with this interface really reliable, but I t's by pramps (nothing catastrophic, but it's not the top) ... suddenly, I sold

Woozban's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Omni Studio
Singing + synth to live


Install time: 10 minutes (includes the connection of Cables)


Which driver, drivers are installed ... when a goes so fast that I am not aware


It's the ball!

I love, I must say that I spend a AWE64 with an OMNI-STUDIO 835 micro sennseiher trinity and then more effectively .... change a life ;-)

qualitprix report / performance oi is no better way to do that would ch'tites models