MOTU 2408 Mk2
MOTU 2408 Mk2

2408 Mk2, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from MOTU in the 2408 series.

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All user reviews for the MOTU 2408 Mk2

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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ouindel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" more on page whatever"

MOTU 2408 Mk2
the number of tracks to record multiple sources, used with other motu especially as AD / DA converters


I am not using the drivers using the I stand alone, as converters


ADAT must be plugged in and set via the front panel


for over 6 years and I bought them secondhand to 200 euro for 150 euro more expensive and thus the second value for money

chris061982's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" that mean?"

MOTU 2408 Mk2
see below for features.

I served with the pci 324 and pc (xp). At the base (coupled with a 24 IO and other mk2 2408) for the studio that I had and now as an amateur.


for drivers, it is another thing, the problem is not expanding, but the pci card. with some log as cubase, you must set the asio drivers and it's boring quickly with a PCI 324. for the update, it is nonexistent with this card, on a system older than XP you have to go on the PCI 424.

this card can by itself, the 32 tracks, if you synchronize octo 3 preamp in addition to these eight analog IO.

for latency, I turn to 6 ms for recording and I increase the buffer to the mix to become more flexible, therefore, its does not bother me to be a 50 ms after the sound.


the installation is super simple for an addition extension, you arm your unit on the map, you start your pc and that's ok

I had the problem of incompatibility with the PCI card 324. it functioned as intel!

the manual and pretty old but apart so if you want to learn a set of cubase vst 32, he has not used much.


I use motu, since 2006, I bought and tried most of their unit and the 2408 and really the most interesting, depending on what wants to have. When closing my studio, I had all sold and I was paid a profire 2626 from M audio, I sold very quickly for me to resume in 2408.

If she came to die, I would resume the same because I love all of this expansion it is flexible and evolutionary system are motu.

musicaddikt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reliable brand for beginners in the pro"

MOTU 2408 Mk2
I use it for some time, while waiting for a motu 24 i / o. The research CHARACTERISTICS: Entries anologiques outputs (8 inputs and 8 outputs) up to 24 by combining with the e / s numriques. The brand has motu trs good reputable, I was looking for professional affordable hardware.

I use the motu with samplitude, and an analog mixer 16 tracks trs vintage for recording, mixing or post-production ... I also recorded directly on the crude motu is nikel, elec guitar amp outputs, microphone shure 58, saxophone, bass, etc ... The sound does not suffer any parasite (type blast or electric buzz). The catch is its clear, bright, beautifully Dfine.


The drivers are stable. It seems to be that Windows XP ca most disturbing, when moving quickly from one application to another. Ds an application using the audio is opened, the card is on alert. No problem for samplitude to recognize the card and the various inputs, samplitude take them in pairs because it is made on the other hand to work in Stereo. So => 1 +2, 3 +4, 5 +6 and 7 +8 for analog ...

I have plans samplitude of around 24 tracks with a lot of vst and powerful enough. Samplitude MS mode can not run these projects. With the motu no worries. For projects of the heavier frizzage can be felt.

Latency is quite correct is parameter. I did not worry puisquelle is low. I try to make records with Project Traffic into tracks and effects (even bypass the whole) to the risk of minimisert problem. So I have no worries and a relatively low latency (1 to 10 ms depending on the project ..)


Departing install APRS have thought that all routing was done by the motu software that are fairly simple because the mk2 ten years. I was trying to ComenC route was more or less conclusive. I came to understand that silent no need to use such software and after half an hour I took it I had road samplitude because I wanted to work with Samplitude. So I do not CueMix. In samplitude for each track I can choose between and the corresponding output on the motu is auyssi simple as that. Just know: a good DAW IMMEDIATE recognize a good map and allows routing as simple as two mouse clicks.

I have an English manual. It seems complete, but eventually I will have little use.


I have had the opportunity to work on small home studio sound card type or alesis edirol m-audio. But nothing to do. And I do not mean that the number of outputs, but the quality. Primo is not a plastic box container. It's a PCI card and a 19 "rack: it is here in a studio setup audionumrique. It's really more of home studio equipment, it goes further. The quality of manufacture, the robustness of material (I have an opportunity to ten years that has not aged) and the smoothness of audio rendering goes beyond the little amateurish. As against this kind of hardware side a bit, I deprecated therefore purchases the blind you really have to be sr ie the usefulness need a sytem read and multitrack recording that is reliable.
It is clear that the 2408 mk2 has the possibility of revolutions with the inputs and outputs that can be numriques INTERESTED, but also its biggest weakness last. I mean we can get a 24 e / s but still need to know and want to use numriques circuits. Personally I'm not interested and so I'm forcing him prefer other models. I think this type of material and Vou small studios that tend toward evolution of the material to be largely numrique not Anloga. Its weak point for me so it's the lack of analog I / O, each needs.

Excellent quality price, motu is a trusted brand, personally I'm in love it makes exactly the kind of hardware I was looking for. I am always sr my choice is to say buy a motu 24 i / o used, and I think it will remain so for a while in my studio.

rawk777's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk2
I use the motu 2408mk2 with UB2442FX-pro behringer console (it has 8 direct-out! And is not very expensive).

I opted to replace my 2408mk2 for Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS (it did not work on xp, and in any event, the 2408 is at least more stable than 100fois ISIS).


The installation is done perfectly. I had some problems to configure the card with Cubase, but it was my mistake. Do not forget to choose the right drivers Asio .


I often use four tracks at once in cubase to practice with my band (2guitares, 2voix and sequences). I use real-time effects on all tracks, and I have no problem with only 13ms of latency (I think I can reduce it, but it does not bother me, so ..).

I have also recorded a 30 minute jam with drums and guitar (the 8 inputs at once), and the system has never flinched.

This card could not be more reliable.


I use the card for 2 or 3 years. It goes well and I am glad. If I had to buy a new sound card, it would most likely be a MOTU.

The only negative points (which are understood, it is not a card very recently, anyway) is that the cards do not do 96khz, and it has no module noon (you can buy separately by one against). There are also some minor problems if you move from one application to an application to 48khz 44.1 (listen to mp3 in windows media player, for example), but nothing serious, and it is set facillement without having to close the application.

If I had to buy a new card, I would opt for a USB or FireWire version, but it cost me a lot more for having one of this quality, since I bought it used for $ 400 Cdn instead of 1500 $ can (value)

Hkuro3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk2
24p minimum work.
music production
athlon 2800gh, 1GH ram, etc ...
a coupled 02R + 3 adat cards.


Easy installation, no incompatibilitmanuel useless.


Pb no driver, I work in samplitude 8, I do not care about latency! I hear that ke I handle in real time and works on c 24pistes no pb.


1 year utilidsation. I like the look, but especially the sound it procure.que whether it returns in the low or high notes perfectly, she speaks terrible.on card even when 1500th! OCCAZ to buy is the best thing to do, the connections are solid and very good quality. and then provides opportunities for evolution (adat cards and / or TDIF), optical cables, bnc, 8in 8 out analog, etc. ...
I would do this 1000 times note? 20/10, ah ... that it's going up 10.dommage.