Celemony Melodyne Editor
Celemony Melodyne Editor

Melodyne Editor, Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Editorial review
  • 12/12/09Celemony Melodyne Editor Review

    Celemony Melodyne Editor Review - Melodyne Blew Me Away

    Ever since the creation of the first DAW, no other software has caused so much ink to be spilled and generated such expectations. The Direct Note Access technology, which was introduced by Celemony at Musikmesse 2008, is one of those holy grails no one ever thought to be accessible because it allowed you to edit single notes of a polyphonic audio recording. Is it some sort of de-mixing? Yes and no! Is it a revolution? You bet!

Users reviews

MGR/Czar's review"Celemony Melodyne Editor"

Celemony Melodyne Editor
melodyne editor is the vocal tuning software from Celemony. It has a new technology Celemony calls DNA (direct note access) which allows you seperate notes in a polyphonic recording.

I purchased Melodyne from sweetwater before editor was released giving me a free upgrade to editor when it was released.

I love the ease of use of melodyne editor. The UI is clean not cluttered. Vocals tuned with melodyne sound natural. Also comes with a stand alone program so you don't have to tune in your DAW.

While tuning parts of a vocal sound natural I find tuning a whole verse or song at once will not give you the best results. One click tune your whole song method is not the best way to go, but if you tune phrase by phrase you should be pleased

stability has been good so far. This plug in has not crashed any of my DAW's. Importing large audio to it can take a while, but not a negative to me.

I highly recommend Melodyne editor to anyone wanted to tune vocals or instruments. Its easy to use and sounds good. I know auto tune has held the crown in this area for the past years but the UI of melodyne alone sold me before I even saw what it could do. The UI lets you edit notes and phrases just like you would audio regions in your DAW. Melodyne editor is the middle version Celemony offers and is $299. I uploaded a video on youtube about Melodyne editor and a quick look at how it works. Just search Czarthp for my youtube page if you want to view it.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
Le Joss11/16/2012

Le Joss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" upgrade from Melodyne Uno"

Celemony Melodyne Editor
Easy installation and validation with "my Celemony" blah, when I had finished I thought it was not so difficult.
The manual is in French, although it requires a clear effort to master the software.


PC Win 7 64-bit, XP also works as plugin for Samplitude ProX.
Nickel works, no bug for what I did, I probably left a lot to learn.


I started with Melodyne Uno for 4 years, with more limited functions.
This is a unique software, comprehensive as it can now analyze the agreements, I love the voice correction with moderate rates that are simply sounds better without anyone to take the lead. I also like to save it as a midi file for replay with a virtual instrument or remove the partition (I'm bad notation). In addition Melodyne offers the key of the song instead of me planting. I did not like the sequence of two upgrades pay, but hey, it was worth it and I would.
Especially given what I have to discover ... with a little more time.

AlainD94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Lock Out Service"

Celemony Melodyne Editor
The product is good but the customer service is nil, especially blocked by Mr UK ......


The product is good but the customer service is nil, especially blocked by Mr UK ......


The product is good but the customer service is nil, especially blocked by Mr UK ......