Native Instruments Guitar Rig Kontrol
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Kontrol

Guitar Rig Kontrol, Software Amp Simulator from Native Instruments in the Guitar Rig series.

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ddn 08/17/2011

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Kontrol : ddn's user review

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Installation clearcut 5 '... No bugs, no problem, amazing! Forums NI users seem to have problems but they seem related to the fact that they use multiple sound cards ... Ie that of their machine and the Rig Kontrol, since RK is one. So it's best to disable the internal sound card of the bike, or physically remove a desktop to use only the RK.

To clarify matters, the RK is:
- A sound card with good converters and two instrument inputs each provided with an acceptable preamp with stereo outputs that can be used on one / two amps (in the cans, no amp simulation in Guitar Rig) or direct sono (in this case amp simulator on). A headphone that's not bad.
- MIDI I / O x1 quality that pass the test without any problems of Nord Modular. We can therefore use it as a MIDI controller for other software.
- A USB controller for Guitar Rig with 6 + 1 switches in the pedal and this pedal. The active switches turn on when the effect under consideration and the assignment is simply a hyper drag / drop on the function you want to assign, and everything is saved in the patch, super practical! Note that you can set the switches so they are mode on / off or temporary mode, very practical too.

Everything is brushed metal with quality switches, the pedal has a race can be a bit tight but it's really the only flaw that I see ... May be a switch "shift" to assign two functions to a switch would have been ...


Hyper stable latency acceptable - which in any case depends on the bike and not the RK itself.

Using Guitar Rig looper with the RK is a real treat! I think it's by far the best looper on the market: with the RK and a MIDI controller with two bullets like an akai lpd or novation nocturn it's adjacent to a potential EHX 2880 (not quite as well, because of the lack of volume mix of tracks in the Loop of GR4 but not below), for somewhat less expensive and more convenient in my opinion.


I've had over a year I use it daily.

My config is now RK GR4 laptop with stereo memory man with Hazara fender champion 600 x2 (or an amp simulator when I play with headphones) so that I can lug all my stuff in a small box that fits in the trunk of the car and have incredible sound.

The report QP seems to me simply unbeatable and I'm glad he has such a bad reputation that allowed me to have it cheap!