Universal Audio Precision Enhancer Hz
Universal Audio Precision Enhancer Hz

Precision Enhancer Hz, Software Exciter/Enhancer from Universal Audio in the UAD Plug-In series.

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loudfunk's review"What the BBE never could've done..."

Universal Audio Precision Enhancer Hz
Typical U-Audio, everything is spot on.


See above.


The Precision Enhancer Hz allows the user to selectively add upper harmonics to bass fundamentals, sometimes referred to as “phantom bass.” This signifi- cantly enhances the perception of low-end energy beyond the conventional frequency response of small speakers. These harmonics stimulate a psychoa- coustic bass-enhancing effect in the listener, giving even the smallest speakers greater translation of low frequency sources. Universal Audio’s unique ap- proach to this common problem combines a simple control set that yields ex- acting results with minimal adjustment and allows the widest range of tonality available in its class, from subtle to decidedly audible.
The Hz Frequency control sets the corner frequency of the bass-isolation low pass filter, while Effect blends the generated signal into the original signal. Four effect slopes are available for variations in harmonic density, while five modes present various internal control configurations to support the widest ar- ray of source material. Finally, the Precision Enhancer Hz includes control over the final output with metering to compensate for gain changes created by the effect.
Precision Enhancer Hz does for low frequencies what Precision Enhancer kHz does for the highs. Together, they are a great complementary pair.
The Precision Enhancer Hz effect can serve multiple purposes. When the fre- quency control is set low, the effect extends into the audible low end. Lower frequencies work well for adding a low end thump or beefing up percussive bass/kicks, but be careful not to overdo it. With the frequency control set to mid to higher frequencies, the effect is designed to add bass tone that would ordinarily disappear on smaller speakers.
For the most predictable results, it is recommended to audition your mix on both full range systems with a subwoofer, as well as small consumer systems such as a boombox or computer speakers.
A different effect response will be achieved when the plug-in is used pre- compression. It is recommended to experiment with processing order as re- sults can vary substantially.