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Thread Comments about the feature article: 5 Top Freeware Reverbs

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1 Comments about the feature article: 5 Top Freeware Reverbs
5 Top Freeware Reverbs
We all know that reverb is one of the staple effects in a mixer's toolkit. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a recording or live mix without at least some reverb in it. But does getting a good reverb sound require that you spend hunks of money on high-end plug-ins or hardware? Not necessarily. You can actually enjoy a variety of reverb sounds and types, design your own reverb settings or just learn about the nuances of reverb, without ever reaching for your wallet. To that end, here are five cool freeware reverb plug-ins.

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Very cool!

I noticed, however, that you didn't seem to use many guitars for your audio clips. Is there any reason for that? Would this reverb be more tailored for drums and keys?

Thanks again. I always love finding out about quality freeware :lol: