Zoom H2
Zoom H2

H2, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Zoom in the H2 series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 72 reviews )
 39 reviews54 %
 25 reviews35 %
 2 reviews3 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Anyone
Editorial review
  • 03/26/08The Zoom H2 Test

    The Zoom H2 Test - Zoom H2

    Out of all the digital recorders that have come out recently, the Zoom H2 is definitely one of the best sellers at the moment. It’s sold at a very affordable price (around 199 euros), but does the Zoom H2 live up to all of our modern day expectations?

Users reviews

chrislieck's review"These are great units for live recording "

Zoom H2
These units are great for live recording. They have a good solid sound. I like the clarity of this unit for live band recording. They have a really clean sound and they can take a great deal of input volume. We just used some recording a live band www.chrislieckstudios.com. I like the sound for the money. I like the layout. I don't like the small middle knob. Some of the design layouts are a bit weird. The output usb has to have the right operating system to use it on and so that is annoying as is the output headphone jack. I think that they should consider more options for a hand held recorder but as far as sound it is solid. I would rather this be a metal casing than plastic that feels like metal at least that what I call it. I think an that if your using it for live recordings then you want to have a great deal of flexibility when recording for a band or if you use if for video more options as well. Some external recorders for field recording have multiple inputs and allow 4 inputs for lavalier mics and additional mics. I also want easier exportation of audio files. My real problem with these small compact recording devices is the screen size is horrible. You need bifocals to read the screen on most of the Zooms. It becomes annoying when moving from one recording to another and especially if you have several tracks of recorded. But back to the sound, it is good and sounds solid overall. I used it three times and aside from the screen and other issues I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the sound of the unit. It is a great sounding piece for the money. I don't like that it does work importing from what I find on 10.4.1 on Mac and if you have an older computer you may have to update your operating system so that is an issue if you want to do a direct transfer but you have an older operating system you have to go through hoops to make it happen. I would rather that by a plug and play on any operating system or just a basic output feature to send the .wav file to your desktop.

rccCrawler's review"Fantastic Rehearsal Recorder"

Zoom H2
I bought this pocket recorder based on a recommendation of a friend. I was looking for something easy to use to record our band's rehearsals for playback. This device could not be easier to use, and makes simple recordings which rival or are better than those I have been able to make in the past with a fully featured four channel recording desk. The multitude of settings make it possible to adjust for a variety of settings and requirements. The manual is fairly easy to read and understand.

Using this recorder during rehearsals has greatly improved the speed with which our band is able to learn new material. With a minimum of hassle we are easily able to download the recording, cut it into songs, and post it for all members to hear. This is usually done before the next morning. Being able to listen to what we are playing after rehearsal allows us to disect the various aspects of the songs and work on the details, and also allows us to record versions for new members very easily.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the placement of the recorder in the room is your only real ability to 'mix' instrument levels relative to one another. You get the hang of this fairly easily, but it is not as easy as moving a slider up and down.

I think the recorder is great value for the money. I have tried to do similar things with mixing consoles and multi-track recordings before, and the problem with that method is that it could take a very long time to get even a single rehearsal recording up. To get full benefit from this activity, the recording has to be available to all bandmates very quickly. This device provides that facility while also providing great, almost professional, sound quality. It also works well within a lot of different environments, and has a wide lattitude with regards to sound levels and mixes it is able to accomodate.

I have tried other similar recorders, and although there are also many competitor products which offer similar levels of performance and value, this is the one which seemed to be the best combination of sound quality, usability, and value. I would definitely buy another if this one breaks or is lost.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"Very Handy"

Zoom H2
The Zoom H2 is a hand held recording device they every musician must own. It really comes in handy, no matter where you are you can pull this bad boy out and start singing or recording a melody or anything that you have in mind. I have to keep this one me no matter where I am. If its not in my gig bag or pocket than its in my car. I can say I used this about 8 times a week. I get inspired in some of the wackiest places and with this technology you can really record some good stuff on the spot.

Don’t get this confused with just a basic hand held recorder that you can get at your local electronic store. This provides great quality, you could probably even record something and take it home put it in pro tools and actually keep the track, not just for a demo either. That’s how good it really is, I couldn’t imagine not having this on me at all times. I would probably panic if an idea came up and I wanted to record something really fast and I didn’t have it on me. That means I would have to use my phone to record and that just would be too much clicking just to record a quick clip and the quality wouldn’t be good either.

With the Zoom H2 you get high quality recordings no matter where you are at and they are all at the push of a button. It fits right into your hand and its very handy, trust me you have to get one of these. I am so glad they have made these because I use to use the old ones with the little tape in it that was made by sony. This one is way better than those old ones. Also, no pesky menu’s to navigate through to get to the record function. Its all right there in front of you just push and you are good to go. Great price and a great product.

MGR/Billy's review"Zoom H2"

Zoom H2
This is the H2 hand held recording put out by Zoom and Samson Technologies. It offers all sorts of recording options in one unit. I believe their are 4 microphones inside of it. You can even record in 5.1 Surround Sound.

I needed a recorder quickly so that I could do an interview for a blog that I write. I had an MP3 player that could record by wanted something better. Every search hand held recorders around $100? Yes, TONS of them out there.

I was looking for easy to use and good sound quality. The Zoom looked like it offered the best recording quality at a fair price. I paid $199 which included a bundle pack of the much appreciated wall plug, a 2 gig memory card (plenty of recording time) and a gig bag (protects decently)

It sounds great! I a/b'd it with my MP3 player's recorder. I knew it would crush it but I was impressed by how much better the sound was. I was using it to interview someone and the audio was crystal clear. I recorded it as an MP3 file.

I was impressed with the stereo spread. Listening back through headphones it feels like I'm actually there. I can't wait to record a band with this.

It takes a bit of a learning curve to use it. This can be frustrating and could lead you to losing valuable information.

They could have made it a bit more user-friendly.

Fits nicely into my hand as well is into my pocket. It feels adequate construction. I could easily break this (not that I want to throw away $200!) but it does not feel flimsy or cheap.

Make great sounding recordings with this budget-friendly, handy recorder.

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MGR/ShackMan's review"Zoom H2"

Zoom H2
It's a complete kit, with the recorder, stand, microphone stand, A/C adapter, pop filter, carrying case, headphones, USB cable, and a 1 GB SD card to store your songs. Also, the headphones that come with it are decent.

I use it to record samples of myself, shows that I play or attend, or to record scratch demos.

I got it because I wanted to not have to lug my computer and DAI setup to wherever I was recording. I wanted an easy way to record whatever was going on around me, especially shows I was performing in to keep for potential CDs, demos, or just to send out as part of my resume for future gigs. I got it from Best Buy at $169.99, which isn't the cheapest for one of these, but I had $50 in gift cards. If you don't, I recommend going somewhere else.

<a href="http://www.bestbuy.com">http://www.bestbuy.com</a>

It's metal and heavy duty, not plastic, unlike some of ZOOM's other products. The kit literally contains everything that I could possibly need to do some solid recording, other than a PC. I also like that there is absolutely no software to move the files from recorder to PC. It just turns into a USB drive, and you move them to your own directory. No clutter, no mess. The microphone selection options are pretty sweet too, and being able to have a surround sound option really surprised me. Also, there's a port for an external microphone. Sound quality is solid.

The external microphone jack is only an 1/8' jack, not an XLR. Sure it'd be hard to put an XLR on something this small, but I hoped at least for a 1/4'. Now I need another attachment. Note that this doesn't hurt the quality of the sound or the unit, but it's something I would have liked to have spelled out for me, as this requires an attachment and would likely come as a surprise to many.

Like I said, it's heavy duty and solid. I'd like to see the stand that comes with it not made out of plastic, though. I think it's odd to make everything heavy duty and then make a dinky stand without felt pads or anything, especially when the goal is to minimize vibrations from outside sources, such as through the table it's sitting on. Bad call, ZOOM. That alone loses you one star. And I'm going to make myself a new stand for this. Out of metal and felt.

Fantastic unit. great sound quality. Surround sound is a really cool and unexpected option on it that makes the unit well worth the money. The learning time is less than 10 minutes; ZOOM is well known for easy to use products. The stand and the unexpected 1/8' microphone jack cut it back from a perfect score, though. I'd give it a 4.5 if I could, but I don't have that option, so it rounds down to a 4.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
Audiofanzine FR03/16/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Zoom H2
(Originally written by nono_sax/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- How long have you been using it?

One week.

- Which feature do you like the most / the least?

The most: size.

The least: crosstalk.

- Did you try any other models before buying it?


- How would you rate its value for money?


- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?


The only disadvantage is the front/back crosstalk.

Most of the signal from the back reaches the front mics and vice versa.

I haven't found the right setting.

What good is four channels?

If anyone has information that might help me, I'd be most grateful...
Audiofanzine FR03/08/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Zoom H2
(Originally written by FredDup/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I bought an H4 almost one year ago and after reading the reviews about the H2 I bought it too.

I liked the difference in size: I was disappointed by the size of the H4 but very satisfied with the sound quality of the recordings I made with it. Considering the price, I hesitated a bit.

The H2 is much smaller and easier to hide for concert recordings.

I had big expectations regarding the mic input, I bought an old Sony mic to record concerts. The sound of the first recordings using the H2 was exciting. It was not the case with the small Sony mic, which worked much better with my Minidisc player (not enough lows with the H2!).

But I'm very happy with it, the sound with the integrated mic is very good.

I like most of all the surround mode. But I've been testing the H2 for only one week.

I've noticed several nice surprises with respect to the H4: files with hour and date. Easy setting of recording levels (which I miss on th H4). The forward and backward buttons (used for almost all settings...) allow you to set everything, even while you're recording.

I haven't compared recordings made with both devices.

I will keep them both: the H2 doesn't allow multitrack recording but its size, configuration (W mode is great for ensembles; 360° is also good), and easy settings are great for mobile recordings.

Daeavelwyn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the Swiss Army knife recorders"

Zoom H2
I use it mainly rp, but I've also used as a main microphone miking an amp! I for 6 years and I use almost every day.
What I like most is the quality of microphones and rendering and overall versatility of uses that can be made.
Another strong point, you can use it as his / micro USB card and it works very well even under linux, usb sound card recognized as the first time! This is perfect if you want to route the sound directly into your DAW rather than using the recorder H2
The downside is the shell a little cheap plastic and is fragile, have to be careful with this kind of stuff anyway!
Another negative, for cons, autonomy, I even stop thinking to use it without its power supply (except with usb, then no need to power supply).

I think one day invest in new generation H2N model I tried with a friend, it's a great slaughter again !! XD

cboude's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Zoom H2
My group used for several years.
I use it regularly repeat the recordings are top (for the recording conditions).

Acoustic recording, the result is stunning.

youlix42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not terrible"

Zoom H2
I have it for 4 years, never able to experiment with other models before
Very disappointed with this device, poor sound reproduction for recording sounds of a repeat
Very low autonomy, barely 4:00 and hs batteries
Tempe latency too important to go to mp3, over an hour for 5 min. Registration
Short product not terrible disappointed