Zoom H2
Zoom H2

H2, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Zoom in the H2 series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom H2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 74 reviews )
 41 reviews55 %
 25 reviews34 %
 2 reviews3 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Anyone

jeremysorin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very satisfied"

Zoom H2
I use it for only 4 months and I'm really pleased.

I used to primarily for recording acoustic music rehearsals and sometimes catches her.
I was using before ambient mics (connected to a mini disc or a mixer), it was often slow to settle or to install a rendering often much less clean.

I find the record really well, the sound is restored, there is little or no interference, the device is lightweight, simple to set and yet it offers many possibilities in terms of settings: sound at 90 °, 120 °, fi, "double" stereo, mono, wav, mp3, can cut a track, change its format, pre-registration, pre-adjustment by type of record ... and more!
Another advantage: it is not bulky

The value for money is really excellent, I purchased 200 € new and I think he will follow me for a while!

I would do this choice without hesitation.

For those who hesitate, who needs to listen before buying, I suggest you listen to a little sound that I simply register with the H2. The mixed tracks have not been retouched or very little, the sound is the one that picked up the microphone, this can give you a taste of what it offers: v = X_ooQhno5TU

Captain puke01/26/2011

Captain puke's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential"

Zoom H2
I use it for 2 years and this is my first serious recording.
very strong (it is down several times), despite its cheap.
q / w excellent. (-DE200 €).
I record all our rehearsals and with it happiness.
very easy to use (I had to read the user manual 2 times). when well positioned in the studio, it rests on and start moving.
mp3, wave, whatever, the sound is very faithful.
essential for debriffer one rehearsal and work in groups.

dj huacos12/12/2010

dj huacos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good product"

Zoom H2
3 years after that we often correct record of quality, with 2 gigabytes a good time recording, nice ergonomics, easy to use.
good product


Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I recommend"

Zoom H2
I use it for a year or more.

Other models used: no

Particularity loved most: its handy size and weight

Particularity liked least: Some features are a bit tedious to use despite the record but I am using, unfortunately, not all

Value for money: Excellent

Would you make this choice certainly

Geo la bidouille11/28/2010

Geo la bidouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good camera"

Zoom H2
I bought it about two years ago, I have not tried many other models but it has the advantage of being compact, cheap and easy to use, lightweight and rugged enough though plastic . estlivré it with lots of accessories: foot, windscreen, bag, transformer, ...
In addition it offers a lot of formats, playback and recording (mp3 48 kbps to 320 kbps, VBR and wav 44khz 16 bit 48khz 24 bits).
With the experience I would do this choice without hesitation.


Migoucorporation's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
I use it for a year now.

The autonomy of the H2 is limited to 3 hours.
System folder from a good intention but it quickly mess with the filenames STE001.mp3, STE001.wav, STE002.wav etc. ... There is a possibility to rename files but it is long.
The wide opening angle is both a positive (for surround sound) and negative. For my purposes (recording sounds in the street or at home), it is quite difficiel to obtain a precise sound, especially when there are other noise (I would have liked a cardioid function but ...)

Its mobility (requires 2 batteries and saves to SD card), its overall sound quality. This is not very high end but you can get good recordings. For example, I made this video: http://www.myspace.com/video/migoucorporation/improvisation-piano/106723194 I placed the microphone inside the piano, opened the hood (the video is also on youtube but less clear good quality audio).


esse.rock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cheap but handy"

Zoom H2
I use it for 2 years, mainly to record rehearsals and work the songs.
It's still great practice, one branch, one that cares the middle of the studio and go!


* The input gain is easily adjusted according to 3 presets (low / medium / high) and we can refine it in the menus.

* We choose the recording mode: front, rear or both (in a single file or two in order to rebalance the stuff by hand later). But use "repeat" it's hard to balance the front and rear, each transplanting a little sound from the other because we are in a small environment with sounds that turn.

* A lot of other more advanced settings are possible, but the menu navigation is not great and I did not really useful anyway.

* It can serve as an audio interface for recording directly to PC. Never tested but it may be useful for some.


* I'm no expert but for me it highly enough. A little behind and treatment was sound about right. We could even use it to put zics on the net. Everything depends on the use to which it wishes to make.


* Already, it is plastic and not breathing strength. The SD card door is already broken home (thank you my friend who I lent it ;-) ). That said I did not have other worries than this, and it's not very penalizing.

* If you use it plugged in, like me, do not forget to turn it off before unplugging it, otherwise you lose the recording made. Or have to put batteries in to be sure.

* Not at all convenient for listening, the functions of fast forward / reverse is probably the worst I've seen and are on the verge of unusable.
Edit: I am advised that it is possible to update the firmware and it's worth the effort. I may therefore change this (and others?) After upd.


For the low price, quality is more than adequate for my use. I had not tried other models before so I could not compare, but I probably would do the same choice.

There's already a lot of opinions here, but I saw that in asking others if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.


happy31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Poor recording quality"

Zoom H2
I use it 2-3 times a year to record my own concerts.

It is practical, easy to use and adapts to all situations.

For cons, I am disappointed with the sound: very messy, you can not do much of these recordings :-(

I took the H2 directly because its good value suit me 200 euros, it's cheap for what it is supposed to do.

If it all over again, I will not take this product away.


leoverdrive's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it."

Zoom H2
I have the opportunity to use this device for 2 years and I love to use it for various situations: recordings of repetition of musical groups, interviews (well I made one) and taken to its equipment demos.
I never used this product to competitors, knowing that this model is getting old and that the latest models must be better led, I think. However it should be noted that the H2 is a true gas plant, I do not think I have gone around the beast, but the key for me being able to record simply and quickly, so I went around to these functions only and it suits me. I love the SD card feature is génialissime, I bought a 2 GB card and I'm really wide for large recordings. At the time I thought it was rather expensive to buy but now I think there are ways to find opportunity in not too expensive.
I totally regret not my investment because at every opportunity I serve.


tryoruda's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfied"

Zoom H2
I use the Zoom H2 recorder as regularly witnessed repeated my rock band, occasionally recording of concerts, plays, or voices. I have since January 2009.

Overall I am very satisfied. The sound quality is good, for a sweet price. The major drawback for me is the poor quality of assembly: the plastic does not take very long, despite the protection provided. Another (small) default, battery life is not great, but since they are LR6, one can have a stock ... or connect the H2 area.

A report that integrated treatment (compressor, limiter ...) does not really interest me, so I am not commenting on this point. Getting started is easy, the object can be transported anywhere and very light (sometimes too much, fortunately, the rubber cover prevents slipping!), The sound is good. I use it more in terms of high volume, and it behaves well. Sometimes a few microphones saturation, but this is rare. At low volume levels, we can meet the blast, but the wave file will remain fully usable.

In short, it's a product I recommend a small cheap device to record anywhere without the fuss and with good sound.