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Zoom H6
Zoom H6

Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Zoom belonging to the H series

Thread Comments about the review: Six Inputs of Separation

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1 Comments about the review: Six Inputs of Separation
Six Inputs of Separation
The H4n isn't the crown jewel of the Zoom recorder range anymore! The H6, with more inputs and interchangeable mics, has arrived to take its place.

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A big multicolor touchscreen may look
nice, but it also consumes a lot of power.

I rather use this power for my recordings.

Almost everybody will edit their recordings
on a desktop computer anyway.
I think the author's main point about the screen was that a touch-screen interface would have made getting around the H6 faster and more efficient in all of its applications. I don't think he was referring to editing on the unit when he made that observation. Regarding power consumption, however, your point is spot-on. That would likely be a downside with a touch-screen interface. Thanks.
Thanks for the useful review! In your closeup photo of the unit's display it would appear you've managed to un-link the L and R channels so they operate as two mono channels. Could you possibly explain how this is achieved? The user manual states that the L and R channels are always stereo linked, and others I've spoken to have concurred with this.