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  • Crate Taxi TX15

    Crate Taxi TX15 - phraseland's review


    This is a transistor amp for any on-the-go musician. It delivers 15W of power and is driven by a large 'car battery' which or course can be recharged. A full charge can last up to 8 hours (plenty enough for most applications). You can connect two ins…

  • Crate Taxi TX15

    Crate Taxi TX15 - "Crate TX15 Taxi Battery Pwd Amp"

    07/01/04 $149, shipping included. Needed a battery-powered portable PA for busking. This little two-way amp comes with 4 inputs: one XLR for a mic, a HiZ input for electric guitar, and two RCA jacks for tape or CD source. It's much louder and cl…

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