Marshall MS-2C
Marshall MS-2C

MS-2C, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall MS-2C

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 2 reviews33 %
 1 user review17 %
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Teurastaja's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for decorating ..."

Marshall MS-2C
Small transistor amp 2W, runs on batteries or mains (power supply not included), headphone, guitar input controls vol / tone and selector-on-off distortion.
It sounds like that nice little amp for travel.


Using fairly simple, as there's no many settings possible.


Ben good there, it's clear not expect miracles ... For my part do not sound good, a chord and you'll feel that the thing will explode ...
Ultimately, if you want to have a megaphone or old radio, why not.


I have been offered there 's some time, well I have not used much.
In the same kind of small amp and Ibanez y 'which are much better, or the Danelectro.
Marshall is the mouth of the foutage complete.
C'est moi !12/24/2007

C'est moi !'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MS-2C
See more advice. The rglages plutt are basic. A jack for the guitar, possibly one for headphones or connecting to a mixer (or other amp?). A compartment for batteries and a plug for transformer ...


What is the intrt this type of product? to bring an amp and avoid playing with headphones! I carried my guitar with an electric multi-effects pedals and the headset. But I find that the headphone was tired ears. So an amp necessary travel, so I bought the store. Given the size for transport is ok! But since I have the Vox DA5 Discoveries and I cracked. However, this is neither the same size, the same price ... or ... the same sound! But I have found another use: it's scotch in the bag o ranges are my effects pedals, its voltage is compatible with other pedals and suddenly I carry this bag if I want to travel lightweight and have everything at hand, I plug the transformer on the sector and the guitar and go!


The sound is good but in relation to the size of the machine. Therefore a distortion will, in his clear is less convincing ... but can do without headphone!


In fact since the purchase of the Vox DA5 I do not use much anymore. Prcis as above, it is with my tape set of pedals and can be used in troubleshooting or traveling when the weight is important especially since it accepts a rechargeable battery which is ngligeable not, this can cause many services. But look on the miniaturization loses its quality. This as the Vox can not be on a belt clip either! So if the mini size and price are the two key factors when I say yes! If looking for something better, at the sound palette, though somewhat more cumbersome, as the Vox which allows more thing, for a price of course but more importantly affordable.

thorpedo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MS-2C
Travel 1.5-amp watts
-9V power supply
- Very small, very light
-Two channels, clean and overdrive, volume and tone
- Vietnamese construction, not very sturdy, 8


Hyper Single


Then, really surprised
I was expecting a sound at the height of its size and the look of a gadjet 38 euros, so too rotten, especially if we know the combo Marshall MG series transistor which are real stews
it's quite surprising, a nice overdrive, very marshall, which sounds high for this small, quite creamy, cool
same for the clean, less surprising, but still.


To be at home to look, Gadget and especially the sound!

Marmotte666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MS-2C
On the menu: a small transistor amp with a power of 2W, a selector to select the channel, a knob volume and another tone.
Note also that it has a headphone output which can be useful.


Difficult to make simple, the pallet of sound is quite limited anyway, it could get away with adjusting the amp in the dark.
The manual is anecdotal ...


The first channel provides a little crunch, lack of clean ms2 is unfortunate but makes up for the second channel, one is left with a small friendly disto whose intensity varies with the volume.
I play mostly on the second channel with the volume turned up, the sound is relatively good (for an amp of this size) in the registry rock, shame not be able to qualify for avanatage with the tone.


I use it for several months, occasionally of course, because the amp is quite limited, both in terms of volume as the types of sounds available.
It is regrettable value for money a bit limited for a product that is a gimmick rather than a real amp, of course, the look is cute, but you pay a lot mark. Too bad as not having a real clear.

KalashNICOv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MS-2C
2W amplifier transistor
Two jack inputs: one to connect the guitar and the other to connect the headset
Rglages trs basic:
Volume -1
-1 Tone (used Galis, bass to treble by turning it clockwise)
-1 Off / On / Od (3 positions): You both sound clear and the saturbr Od />
A good look, really like "big rapetissquot;, I really like.


Nothing complicated with three buttons, it's almost as simple configuration that the guitar that has hands.

The good sound, do not you get it not RVer. It is a trip huh amp (see below). Only the day on I reu, without reading the leaflet that goes with it (no manual), I fiddled two or three things and I fell from the sky: it's really easy to get a sound that can compete with some combo of my knowledge.

As I've dj said, the manual is a résumé leaf in several languages ​​to tell which button does what (as you say that quickly made the rounds).


Obviously it's not so good a JTM or JCM its level, but it's an amp so we'll travel into perspective:

Personally, I find the sound a little "indoor", it's hard to explain, but there is a lack of middle and treble quite significant, however, that we can fill some of the Tone knob, (partly only) and put it on his cot trs is simply good, I take a lot of fun playing on this amp, as much if not more so than on my Fender Frontman 15R is in part the fact that I can run around everywhere, but not limited to, believe me this amp for its price is thundering.

I currently only jou with my squier affinity, but I look forward to plug my Gibson Contents dmontrer to give what he does, the guy. Anyway, I can tell you (with my jou for years on a Squier Frontman 15R) trs sound is good (I told DJ I think) to as an amplifier has the almost same comparison would tend to him as to the fender.

I play casually and blues-rock/hard-rock was I like. Well it's not a "real" Marshall, of course, but try to take a JCM and baffle in the car of a friend to go on vacation;)

10/10 for an amp of this size, but 8 / 10 for when I can not even put him dcemment notes that in 2203 the same: p


Likes: size, weight, price, its looks, its ease of use, its (relative size)
I like least: the sound (at all), nothing else.

Bought a few weeks ago on a whim, I have no regrets, it is extra.

The report price is trs good quality, and if you do not have speakers for your MP3, be aware that TRS also performs this function.

With exprience, I would do so this choice.

gvinocour's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MS-2C
2 Watts, thundering completementt !!!!!! for the price.


Fastoche like any


Incredible (for the price)


2 days