Behringer Europower PMH2000
Behringer Europower PMH2000

Europower PMH2000, Powered Mixer from Behringer in the Europower series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer Europower PMH2000

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frankP_en's review

Behringer Europower PMH2000
I've been using the Behringer Europower PMH2000 for 2 years now. I like that it has 10 channels. 8 XLR's help a lot when playing with a full band. If you playing acoustic guitar or need the quarter inch inputs, they are provided. The left and right channel full graphic eq's are great to have for cleaning up the sound and adding amazing effects. The separate channels eq has high, mid, low and fx knobs. All great for the fine tuning the sound. I wouldn't have bought this piece of equipment if it wasn't for the effects. They make so much of a difference to get rid of the plain, old dry sound. 99 effects total that can be assigned to left and right main mix or to main mix and monitor out, augmented by a switchable low-cut filter for channels 1-6. Adding the reverb and chorus effect, makes my day. Not a lot of musicians use those, but it does help. The delay, flanger, and echo are not used often on a complete mix.

I use to have one of the regular mixing boards that Behringer makes, but I really like the self powered side of this. The 250w and 180w split of 4ohms and the 500w bridge of 8ohms is enough power when playing in smaller venues. I have this paired with 800w Peavey speakers and they put out a punch. It's great for the youth bands to use because of the simple use and their low budgets. It's also great for recording. Let me tell you, I used it with my Behringer sound enhancer and compressor for both of my CD's and gave me everything I wanted. Who knew you could create radio friendly songs with this piece of equipment. You also plug in a CD player/Ipod or DJ system. The quarter inch pre-amps in and outs are great to have sending the feed into other devices like CD recorders. The phantom power makes it nice to use a high performance recording condenser mic. Using a regular mic and not the condenser for recording is a big mistake. At the Dimensions of (approx.): 11 in. x 18 1/8 in. x 10 5/8 in. (280 x 460 x 270 mm), it's right the right size. 35 pounds, not to hard to handle. I bought this new around $350. not band of a price. I would make the same choice but now I would there upgraded model.

Jr@'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH2000
I bought this mixer for versatile use:
_ Sound systems of groups (the main purpose of this type of product)
_ Sound systems for mobile dico
_ Fi amp
we will start with the positives:

for less than € 300 is a good deal
mixing is relatively accurate and amp are good qualities
buses are simple and can be connected to other amplifiers on the front and back just
the multi-effects and sounds good practice
the sound is very clean with instruments
equalizer is very useful although it lacks the presence of the 32Hz band, the filter low blow on channels 1,2,3 and 4 up for this lack
forced ventilation is silent

in negative are:

the amp is sorely lacking the power 2X250W rms are not really usable because giving 1% distortion, it takes more in the 2X125W RMS into 4 H.

the limiter is useless because it is active on the distortion is already clearly audible

Even if this console to all that I need a single device (mixer, effect, equalizer and amplifier) ​​in a reasonable volume, the quality of the power amplifier and ask me that problem.

jajask8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH2000
I use it for several months, I like + is the price that is very affordable especially for all the qualities of this console, and what I like least is, uh ... nothing.
The price quality ratio is EXCELLENT because for all its effects, and among all the sound it gives a different brand, you have to be a lot more money, and I think it's very well group for groups that use it to rpter and do not have too much budget, and unlike what I've heard at behringer is a rather good quality and it does almost no breath.
It finds its limit if it is used to record by taking it on a pc, the sound is not great.
With the experience I remake this choice biensur

Dot.kom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH2000
Amplified very good restaurant for a very low price.
It has been used to sound to our rehearsals, of course, perfectly adequate, and even at concerts, we never lacked power.
Despite a mediocre effect processor (we did in fact never used), this table is really excellent for beginners in the world of sound.
A counselor who is looking for a cheap but powerful sound!

tjyderrien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH2000
The association in Music Campus uses these materials in January, I think.
It is very useful for sound to small impromptu concerts on college.

It lacks a good old PAN to guide every left / right, but it is compensated by using the buttons Monitor / Main (mode Left / Right). It's just not very intuitive.

The sound is enough live. For cons, the power is somewhat reduced. It is interesting again, but when you want sound to a concert, it is very limited.

I used it to record rehearsals, but at that price, it better not count on it (for the record, this is normal).

The value for money is average. The sound is not terrible, but it's good. I wish to take another model, but we had time constraints that made us choose this model.

With experience, I would do not have that choice.