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  • Dynacord PowerMate 1600

    Dynacord PowerMate 1600 - "Superb Quality but Terrible Customer Support"


    I have a Powermate 1600 which is irreparable due to Dynacord Policy. I loved using this desk. Very user friendly, robust, huge power, all the inputs and outputs you could need, fantastic effects, I could rave about it for hours. The trouble is it has…

  • Laney TH16:2PD

    Laney TH16:2PD - "Digital reverb schematic diagram needed."


    I have a problem with this model. I would like to obtain the schematic diagram for the digital reverb if anybody might have it. The digital reverb is not working properly and my technician needs to have the user manual guide to find where the fault i…

  • Roland PA-250

    Roland PA-250 - "Roland PA-250, full of raw character" has images


    I found this mixer by pure chance at a secondhand market two years ago, its big, white-on-black Roland logo had aroused me among all the stuff that surrounded it. According to the seller, it had belonged to his father who used and abused it for part…

  • Yamaha EMX640

    Yamaha EMX640 - "A workhorse among powered mixers"


    I bought it in 1999 (yes, last century) for small venues. It was my first powered mixer and I still have it (in 2013): That says a lot about its longevity and sturdiness. I still rent it from time to time together with a couple of speakers and it d…

  • Yamaha EMX212S

    Yamaha EMX212S - "Made for the road"


    Yamaha EMX 212S is a 12 channel powered mixer that is made for the road. The construction of this mixer is heavy duty and will last a long time. There are 16 digital SPX effects on it, echo, chorus, flanger, distortion, reverb, and a few other ones a…

  • Mackie PPM1012

    Mackie PPM1012 - "Compact, but use it with good PA speakers"


    I purchased the Mackie PPM1012 in a package that came with 4 microphones and two monitors. The PPM1012 is a high quality but still compact mixer that has 8 mono channels and 2 stereo channels. It has a small supply of effects and some graphic equali…

  • Yamaha EMX5014C

    Yamaha EMX5014C - "Great with vocals and instruments"


    The Yamaha EMX5014C is a powered mixer that has 10 channels and 14 inputs. There are 16 high quality effects to choose from on this mixer. When I first read the specs I didn’t think they 16 would fit me, but after hearing how good they are it was a m…

  • Mackie PPM608

    Mackie PPM608 - "Portable but still sort of heavy"


    The Mackie PPM608 is a very portable and small mixer. This is the type of mixer to have if you need to have a lot of channels to work with and still need some good compression. There are effects on this mixer that are pretty decent for it being a sma…

  • Behringer Europower PMP4000

    Behringer Europower PMP4000 - "preamps rock, and lots of effects"


    The PMP 4000 is a 16 channel powered mixer that is made for a table top. It cannot be racked and needs to be on a flat secure surface. For some situations this mixer was our best option depending on where we had to be. But in some situations it was n…

  • Yamaha EMX312SC

    Yamaha EMX312SC - "Great control and compression"


    The Yamaha EMX312SC is a dual 300 watt powered mixer. You will get a great sound with this mixer, I noticed the quality of the sound immediately the first time I used it. The compression on it is so easy to use, it is basically just one knob to use f…