Behringer Europower PMH5000
Behringer Europower PMH5000

Europower PMH5000, Powered Mixer from Behringer in the Europower series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer Europower PMH5000

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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Franck62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH5000
I use this table for 8 months for sound with a rock band.

Here are my observations:
1 / The price: There is no equivalent on the market, a table that looks like a pro in every way to 500! (I said: that looks like)

2/The ct practice: Reduces clutter the strict minimum: sono complte PMH5000 = 2 + 2 Cables pregnant two feet (see 4 speakers if desired course); Level weight, apse nothing! I find it best That a Systm amplified speakers (which often psent 2 tones) + table "Deutsche".
In config Caf'Conc is the IDAL especially when they have "dmontquot; all know that Galre musicos.
3 / Everything is there: the rglages (Acute, High mdium, low mdium, severe), 2 assistants (to return), two effects numriques spares (IDAL to put a reverb / time limit of one vote, and another simple reverb on a snare drum, acoustic electric or a sax), a qualiser, the mute etc, ect .. trs full brief
4 / Sound: The sound is clear trs, trs acceptable. I could compare it with a Yamaha 2x200W EMX2000 MODEL 12 channels with an effect Intgr (ie 2 times less potent) and I must say that the Yam is clearly even when suprieure (for 2 times Annona less power) can not say that the sound of the Yam is more powerful ... it is prcis, Net +, while the sound of the behringer is a little confusion and a little above "mtallique" ... As the quality of the effect Yam ', there's no picture! This is good. Do not ask too much from this point of view with the behringer.

So Yamaha is much better (that is incomparable) but it will get 1300 prices for a nine MODEL EMX 5000 20 tracks (2 x 500W) so ... L
The EMX 2000 is only + ... unless there is a MODEL home Yam 'intermdiaire for a few euros more (Ms 200 300 more than the behringer ... Do not hesitate to eat ... pasta and rice for 6 months but Do not hesitate)

Now, if your like me, you make small rooms or Caf'Conc and you are the Rock or Blues (sound simple, basic, crude foundry), the behringer is great!

If you your like, I want the sound or TOTO Sinclair of you ...

ImoiI's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH5000
I use it for 3 months mtnt!
This is my first table, I'm no pro, is just to start with something! I usually quickly understood the usefulness of any button except its qqn! It is quite complete and meets my needs!
I think there is nothing to say, it is well known RAPORT the price / quality Berhinger is impeccable! I can not really say more but I recommend easy yes!

frantoc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Europower PMH5000
I use the TDC since 5000 four months.

This is my first mixer .... I can not really compare with other uses. However the guys who came musicos manipulate and play have been very surprised at the value for money .... Real cheap, you really sound very clear, very pure.
It is very comprehensive. very pleasant to use, the large number of entries is much appreciated .. (we use it for a guitar, a bass, percussion + 4 singing voice)
The fact that the table is amplified is rather significant to avoid cabling ... 36 You plug the speakers on the table and worse cétou ... (And microphones as well, of course)
... for use in repeats, where it is often eager to play, it's convenient ...

2 The effect modules are nice (very nice reverb) and are cumulative.

A few complaints:

The fan is loud at startup, but it calms down quite quickly, (the table does not heat really is not much use ...)

I find that the table lacks power (2 x 200 watts if you plug the speakers of 8 ohms) ... We must therefore provide for 4 ohm speakers if you want to enjoy the 2x400 watts advertised, or double the 8 ohm speakers with another pair of 8 ohms. (Parallel in this connection leads to DCIEM 4 ohms)

I find the connection of effects loop a little cumbersome ...
In fact, Beringher provided for the effects loop built into the table, but not the effects one would like to add characters.
We can still get by using one of two monitor outputs and re-enter the table by one of the entrances ... It works impeccable ... but must admit that it is very convenient for ... (And then it eats an input channel.

A good place to more ... it may be a detail but ... the transport bar that is in facade ... SUPER PRACTICE!

Anyway, I am happy with my purchase .... But one day when it will be down a little, I'll buy probably a number table ...
But I am in no hurry ... For now, I enjoy my TDC 5000