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All user reviews for the JBL EON 15P

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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jarviscocker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good value"

Used purchased in January 2011 I use to plug my beta 58 and my Takamine electro acoustic.
I previously had the Peavy ... and Thomann (T Box) ... yuck
The sound is clear and pleasant.
Good value for money
If I can find for this return would be great!

ericou1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A store in the trash ..."

JBL has put together a great penury there, totally missed pregnant. Go buy a pair of speakers Thomann (the box) same power same size, you will be much happier. It has the typical JBL sound "hi-fi" yucky and cheap found in a car: the bass is not good when you want to push the bass, it trembles in the HP, the highs are aggressive, and yet it happens to hear the voice clearly. I tried to return pregnant, my guitar would not stand properly. In short, even if I was I certainly do not DJ would buy it, it's a sound all there is more unhealthy (newer cars comportants the "hi-fi" sound better to origin that these speakers!)

But not to be bad language, I'm going to find a positive to this scam signed JBL: it has at least the merit of his exit! this is a good forum for a assoc ', accompanied by a nice micro mega cheap at 20 euros, with its molded cable jack on the microphone, all connected to the speaker directly (live feedback when and its rotten! )

ainhoa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Power and sound to the TOP!"

I use these speakers for almost 3 years.
Evening up to 120 people for events or lottery or other general types in large rooms.

I also use RCF 715A and B-string CG7 153 (passive).

To the sound of JBL
- The highs are sharp and precise
- Mediums are well out voice.
- The bass is round and present.

If it again, then I would make the same choice.
For 127 db and 21kg (for amplified speaker) is TOP!

PS: the person has 0/10 must have shares in FCR: D!
Frankly, I've never had trouble with my JBL!

Joe63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

As said eric again .... it's a good wheelbarrow for your garden ...

A wheelbarrow jbl please not make me is how it has to put on the market fortunately there are people who do it no ears, a buddy Music partner organization !!!

It is true Mr Morata (Music partner organization) has nothing to see your fabulous Russianness in pro audio, you can allow you to jug pregnant, I forget (when t'coute a Nexo PS 15 which is one of the best 2-way loudspeaker in the world) you must enlves you are sonotonne !!!

Salutation Mr Morata ((Music partner organization) said the street jbl spectrum analyzer.

Ps: The sound bar equipped clermont you're all physically dphas how you doing ratrap for the delay, hats off your instal probably one of the worst I've ever seen ...

flameart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I use these speakers for prs a year with my group (40 bulk dates). Before we used the Gemini and quite frankly the Difference is obvious:

- The highs are clear and the voice (fminine) appears perfectly
- The mdiums are correct and no more. I think there is a weakness in the high mids, but that catches up well with a good quality output table. This is their only 'default' got my
- The bass do not turn to mush as with Gemini with whom one could hardly get anything but a slick 'woouuum' incoutable

I use these speakers with a table numrique 03D, honntement and my only regret is having waited so long to buy

If c'tait again I think I will take two more to return! In fact this should not delay ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JBL user since 1977 I heard used EON amplified.
These speakers are formidable by their dynamics, precision treble frequencies, especially rapidity of establishment notes either in production (CD) or reproduction (concert rock, jazz)
JBL still the dmontre know who surprised everyone by the shape of the enclosure as prcdente series trapzodale M350MK2 which they were the forerunners. Copies of all then, as usual, but without sound!
JBL through J.DEFRANCE Parisian specialist sound all the same has sold the first year of the release of this "bomb" over 1000 pairs s / Paris!
Italians o I am often on business swear by these speakers! VIDEO ITALIA look if you have GST or CHANNEL sat, EON are everywhere!
There was a lot of copies all plastic while the JBL EON is not entirely plastic! JBL has more than one trick up his sleeve, but to know it was going to HARMAN ROAD SHOW or all of the very high-end products HARMAN group were prsentsy including JBL VERTEC !!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

0 / 10 for the previous post, then I do not understand !!!!!!
I have a pair of eon 15 for 5 years. I use it every Sunday with my jazz band. Is passed in the keyboards (Rhodes and synths, a jazz guitar and sax microphone). I even passed a one time electric bass. Were given a dozen concerts in cafés with sometimes about a hundred spectators. Result more than adequate, pregnant indestructibes, sufficient power for this type of use and sound quality is entirely honorable.
I will not compare against other brands but when I had bought, I compared the time at Backstage with many other models in the same price range. The JBL were the best for my taste. Now we have the right to have a different opinion but from there to put 0 / 10, notice also negative and clearly passionate in my opinion discredits its author ...
I would definitely do it again this election for a second.

Eric.gui's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JBL thank you from using its Notore to peddle the price of gold such garbage!
Bi-amplified, the amplifier section is assigned an acute Integrated Circuits: the same circuit as in the car!! And yes, we do not make you not care at JBL. The compression dvisse alone and falls to the bottom of the box, the connector connecting the electronic card and the rear connection is also unplug all alone, Misr .... As for the serious ... the what? The eon 15 does not know the serious of a team whose nocaca 38cm bowl is molded with the body (yes !!!), and the least is getting stronger all makes stubs the cots!
In résumé just cost or open a Eon15P you realize that you just be the victim of a scam manifest. Listen compared art300A an FCR, same price, HP 31cm + 1 "compression, you will bleuf!

museswing's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I use two JBL EON 15 inch amplified with two JBL EON Sub (subbass) by DJ Mix and home. They are extremely strong even have APRS jou trs (too) high for a long time! Intgr amps are very practical: one branch and hop off you go: Never problem of false contact or amp that grsille. It really is the best audio hardware that I bought in my life! The price may stepfather lev but frankly justified. If I had to buy speakers for my home or to animate the evening, I Do not hesitate to buy the EON G2 (Next-Generation) is even more powerful in sound and bass (and poss The same 3-band equalizer a very practical).