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  • Reverb Parameters

    Reverb Parameters - How to Set a Reverb Processor


    Unless you're living in a tent in the middle of the desert, you are exposed to numerous natural reverberations every day. Our ears perceive reverberations that our brain interprets automatically to inform us about the shape, size and nature of the place where we are. Close your eyes and listen carefully. You'll notice that the sense of hearing pro…

  • Optimize Your Reverberant Space for the Best Possible Sound

    Optimize Your Reverberant Space for the Best Possible S… - Understanding Digital Reverb Parameters


    There's nothing like the sound of real reverb, such as what you hear in a cathedral or symphonic hall. That's because reverb is made up of a virtually infinite number of waves bouncing around within a space, with ever-changing decay times and frequency responses. For a digital reverb to synthesize this level of complexity is a daunting task, but t…