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Beyerdynamic Ribbon Microphones user reviews

  • Beyerdynamic M 160

    Beyerdynamic M 160 - "Multi Purpose"


    The Beyer Dynamic M 160 is a hypercardioid ribbon microphone. It has a double ribbon transducer that makes it a versatile microphone to use on a number of instruments as well as vocals. We have used this microphone as an overhead drum mic, it was one…

  • Beyerdynamic M 500 N

    Beyerdynamic M 500 N - moosers's review


    The BeyerDynamic M 500 N is a dynamic ribbon microphone that is best suited for use in the studio. The mic has a hypercardioid pick up pattern and boats a frequency range that starts at 40 Hz and goes up to 18 kHz. I don't know too much backing inf…

  • Beyerdynamic M 130

    Beyerdynamic M 130 - moosers's review


    The BeyerDynamic M 130 is a unique dual ribbon microphone designed for use in professional recording studios. I've used the mic for some unique applications, and in general think it's a great microphone. The mic has two ribbons in, and works in a f…

  • Beyerdynamic M 160

    Beyerdynamic M 160 - "Beyerdynamic M 160"


    The Beyerdynamic M 160 is a small diaphragm hypercardiod ribbon mic with TWO ribbon transducers. It looks a little bit like a childs toy but don't get it confused! I am a student, musician, writer, and pretty good line dancer residing in beautiful …

  • Beyerdynamic M 260

    Beyerdynamic M 260 - moosers's review


    The Beyer Dynamic M260 is a ribbon microphone designed for use in the recording studio. As with all ribbon mic, I wouldn't use this outside of the studio, but as far as ribbon microphones go, the M260 is as sturdy as any. It has a hyper cardioid pola…

Translated user reviews
  • Beyerdynamic M 260 NC

    Beyerdynamic M 260 NC - " an old tape"


    It is a dynamic band which has the distinction as the M260 and M160 another, being hypercardioid. Perfect for singing (with antipop what at the time it was played live without sealing at the microphone), acoustic gtr, the guitar amp, copper and per…

  • Beyerdynamic M 160

    Beyerdynamic M 160 - " One of my favorite mics"


    The Beyer M160 is a product from the late 60's microphone and has virtually not changed since. It is used as the basis microphone for instruments, but can work very well on voice. This is a double ribbon microphone, which gives it a hypercardioi…

  • Beyerdynamic M 160

    Beyerdynamic M 160 - " Designed but not Reconu"


    Double Ribbon, see Doc OVERALL OPINION I had the opportunity to use it on an album Overhead, transplanted and transplanted guitar amp acoustic guitar (doubled with a 451). This is the first time I used the tape, and certainly not the last. Of …

  • Beyerdynamic M 500 N

    Beyerdynamic M 500 N - " reference for the snare!"


    if you have a nickel, you are the king of miking snare!! OVERALL OPINION a grain and a directivity ideal! …

  • Beyerdynamic M 160

    Beyerdynamic M 160 - " Excellent micro"


    Micro pressure gradient hypercardoïde double ribbon. Used in music as in the sound film, this microphone is used by many engineers as the renowned Pierre Gamet. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 2 years now. I had the opportunity to try it during …