Beyerdynamic M 160
Beyerdynamic M 160

M 160, Ribbon Microphone from Beyerdynamic in the M series.

MGR/AlexV 03/15/2010

Beyerdynamic M 160 : MGR/AlexV's user review

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The Beyerdynamic M 160 is a small diaphragm hypercardiod ribbon mic with TWO ribbon transducers. It looks a little bit like a childs toy but don't get it confused! I am a student, musician, writer, and pretty good line dancer residing in beautiful Nashville, TN. I've been a drummer and guitar player on and off for the past 10 years of my life and have began engineering and producing in the past 4. I currently play drums for the band Brookline and you can see me rockin' an Orange County Drum and Percussion or Mapex kit decked out with Zildjian K Hybrids.

Our studio bought this mic about 3 years back when it was looking to expand it's ribbon mic catalog. We purchased it from Sweetwater online for right around $600.00.

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This mic is supposedly the go to mic on stringed instruments and it is - but I have found it to be incredible on guitar amp's. Much like the Royer 121, it has a very hi max SPL (around 130 spl) and can handle a amp pushed up to 11 (or further). As with any ribbon mic it claims to sounds great on brass instruments as well. While it does sound better than some small diaphragm condenser, it's no match to a 121 or any of the older RCA's.

My only complaint about this mic is the junky clip that is included. Replace it as soon as possible because it will break on you and you never want to drop any mic, but definitely not a ribbon!

The mic is very small and rather fragile. Definitely needs to be kept in a padded case and covered if left on a stand as dust is no good.

Bottom Line? If it's good enough for Eddie Kramer go-to mic on Jimi Hendrix's guitar, it's good enough for me. This mic is much more versatile than it lets on and has been a great addition to our collection. In the realm of great mics, this is rather cheap and very useful - a great value!

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