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  • Sabian introduces the HHX Omni
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    Sabian introduces the HHX Omni

    06/02/14 in Sabian HHX Omni 22"

    Sabian extends the Omni concept introduced on the AAX Series to the HHX range, with two new 19” and 22” cymbals.

  • [NAMM] Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Rides

    [NAMM] Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Rides

    01/18/12 in Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex Ride 21"

    Zildjian recently introduced new Custom Dark Complex Ride models.

  • [NAMM] Paiste Formula 602 Series

    [NAMM] Paiste Formula 602 Series

    01/07/11 in Paiste Formula 602 Ride 22" ('70s)

    Paiste has initiated the reintroduction of the most popular Formula 602 range of models.

  • [NAMM] Paiste Twenty Masters Collection

    [NAMM] Paiste Twenty Masters Collection

    01/07/11 in Paiste Twenty Masters Deep Ride 24''

    The Twenty Masters Collection is an assemblage of manufactured cymbals made of CuSn20 bronze - eleven ride models integrating the inspirations of international top drummers.

  • Sabian AAX Raw Bell Dry

    Sabian AAX Raw Bell Dry

    05/19/09 in Sabian AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride 21''

    Sabian promises that the Raw Bell Dry Ride design offers players a highly effective versatility at virtually any volume and in any style of music.

  • New Meinl 23'' Ride

    New Meinl 23'' Ride

    03/25/09 in Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Ride 23"

    If a 22" ride doesn't deliver that little extra that a drummer is looking for, and the sound of a 24" ride is too dominant, then the all new 23" Byzance medium and heavy rides are the way to go.

  • Sabian Burries The Bodies

    Sabian Burries The Bodies

    02/11/09 in Sabian Artisan Medium Ride 21"

    In a move they say was driven by consumer curiosity, Sabian has buried 100 of its Vault Artisan ride cymbals and will dig them up from the ground in mid-2009.

  • [NAMM] TRX Cymbals LTD Series 21

    [NAMM] TRX Cymbals LTD Series 21

    01/24/09 in TRX Cymbals LTD Series 21" Crash Ride

    TRX has announced the immediate availability of a new 21˝ Crash-Ride LTD model.

  • TRX Launches "Oversized" BRT Series

    TRX Launches "Oversized" BRT Series

    01/06/09 in TRX Cymbals BRT Series 24" Ride

    The TRX Cymbal Company has announced that it is expanding its popular BRT Series to include a 24˝ ride, 21˝ and 22˝ crashes and 15˝ hi-hats.

  • Meinl Introduces Soundcaster Cymbals

    Meinl Introduces Soundcaster Cymbals

    12/22/08 in Meinl Soundcaster Medium Ride Fusion 20"

    The new line of Soundcaster Fusion cymbals is made from B12 bronze alloy, produced in Meinl's German factory using computerized hammering methods.