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  • Roland Fantom X8

    Roland Fantom X8 - ""A perfect workstation Monster!""


    The Roland Fantom X Series is one of the best Audio/Midi Workstation series developed by Roland. With three options, i.e., X6 (61 keys), X7 (76 keys) and the X8 that I am having with 88 keys, this 29.5 Kg weighing machine is one of the best workstati…

  • Roland Fantom X8

    Roland Fantom X8 - "A POWERFUL MACHINE"


    Features worthy of a modern piano. It came out in 2004 but it is still a well-respected workstation due to the quality of its manufacturing, sounds, interface, but especially due to its SRX 01 to 12 expansion cards, which can be found at very good pr…

  • Roland Fantom X7

    Roland Fantom X7 - "buy it"


    The Roland XS 7 was a keyboard that I purchased back in 07 pretty much on a sudden impulse after I fell in love with it at guitar center. After messing around with it for 3 hours (in the store) I new that I had to have it. The sales guy didn’t even h…

  • Roland Fantom X6

    Roland Fantom X6 - "good quality workstation but..."


    The Roland Fantom x6 is a 61 key workstation that has all the bells and whistles that you will need. It probably has more than you will use! I compare this to the Yahama Motif and I feel they are alike and do the same thing. The Fantom sticks out a l…

  • Roland Fantom-S 61

    Roland Fantom-S 61 - "great board"


    The Roland Fantom s61 has 61 beautiful semi weighted keys. It also has a big screen so you can work in song mode to create your whole song right on board without having to transfer files and .wavs somewhere else. You can even master right in the Fant…

  • Roland Fantom G6

    Roland Fantom G6 - "its a great workstation"


    The roland fantom g 6 is extremely powerful, everyone in the industry uses this board or has used it at some point in their musical career. The price for it is pretty high, but if you look around on eBay or Craig list you can find a used one for very…

  • Roland Fantom X6

    Roland Fantom X6 - ericthegreat's review


    Finally, the keyboard workstation joins us in the 21st century. I hereby predict the Roland Fantom G will enjoy the top spot in keyboard sales for the next couple of years. Why? Here are the main reasons: UTILIZATION -The screen is the best in the …

  • Roland Fantom G6

    Roland Fantom G6 - "Best board out..."


    The Roland Fantom G6 is the standard for production. Roland always puts out the most creative and warm sounds. Very clean, there is a port to use a mouse so its easy to navigate the screen. The G6 has 5 octaves but you can transpose if you need too. …

  • Roland Fantom X8

    Roland Fantom X8 - Markovitch's review


    See the website for details The keyboard is weighted, but the weight of the keys and the sensitivity is completely different to a real piano: It's much more controllable in terms of nuances, but much…

  • Roland Fantom X6

    Roland Fantom X6 - moosers's review


    The Roland Fantom X6 is a keyboard and music workstation consisting of 61 keys and a whole lot of parameters. It's pretty much an all in one station for keyboardists and composers alike. It's got an LED screen to monitor everything on as well. As …