Roland Fantom FA-76
Roland Fantom FA-76

Fantom FA-76, Workstation from Roland in the Fantom series.

MGR/roger 12/03/2002

Roland Fantom FA-76 : MGR/roger's user review

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I acquired the gear in Italy (I am Italian!!), because I needed a new synth, as I have been using a korg M1 and a Korg 01 for several years.
I stated to keep the M1 (old but always cool) and replaced the 01 with a fantom.
I paid about 2000 Euros.

First of all the presets....more than 1000 sounds with lovely pianos (I am a pianist!!), beautiful organs,synthbrass,etc.
A powerful effect section, a 16 track integrated sequencer, the Arpeggio mode.
The editing is very easy to use as you can draw the wave shape and keep under control all the parameters.
The real time editing: 4 potentiometer and 4 buttons that together with infrared beam allow you to modify the sound while you are playing.
The mechanics...the 76 keys are OK, dynamics and aftertouch are on top of level.
Finally I like the strength of the keyboard, It is strong enough to support accidents that always occur up and down the stage.

Maybe a touch screen monitor would have been useful in live situations, when you have to change quickly a preset or an effect.

Absolutely good.
The synth comes in a light grey metallic "case", that makes you understand its strength. The potentiometer have a smooth and precise motion.
The buttons on the panel are big and strong enough to be "hit" suddenly and several times without break.

I think that the Roland Fantom is a good gear for studio music and for live sessions.
Its price makes it actractive for a lot of people.
The absence of a built in sampler (in reference to korg triton, for example) is not a problem, I mean that if someone needs a sampler simply buys a sampler and not a workstation with a sampler!
If I got it stolen I'd probably buy another one.

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