Roland Fantom FA-76
Roland Fantom FA-76

Fantom FA-76, Workstation from Roland in the Fantom series.

jef_citron 12/21/2008

Roland Fantom FA-76 : jef_citron's user review


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The quality of the keyboard is superb, laftertouch is masterful!
There are as many as lon Controller may wish (and even more than the number of our feet and our hands!)
We can TRANSFR sounds via a PC (and multitimbral and performance) of a program free ugly XV named Librarian. But you can not edit custom settings on a PC sounds.
The squenceur is excellent but it can not compete with a computer for part squenceur edition.


The manual is clear trs
Ldition sounds plutt is well organized, even if is a complex beginners ...
But the black point of this synth is lergonomie buttons faade. Indeed there are trs few buttons on the faade so we have trs often use the menu buttons located under lcran. Now they are plutt wrong place because they are so big that their position is compared DCAL laffichage of lcran (like karma! Note that default has t corrected on the Fantom S). Conclusion: even APRS OF USE months we get any further search button should be pressed


For acoustic sounds I find trs versatile but for someone it is better acqurir require an expansion card (Cher. ..)

The organ sounds and electric pianos are very good trs trs (I love the electric piano!)

The synth sounds are good trs (especially groundwater). This is not an analogue crmeux but he has his personality for the synthetic sounds. Especially with 8 envelopes, 8 LFOs and a modulation matrix can be obtained sophisticated FX trs

Technically the analog outputs are high quality dune trs trs (there is also an optical output).

By spending time programming new sounds you get CRER insouponnes sounds. Obviously EST quavec a less intuitive synth with lots of knobs in faade but it lhabitude connate menus by heart! ! !)

Note: potentiomtres faade to have a resolution of 8 bits (0127) so when handling the filter (low pass, for example) means a staircase effect (especially when rsonnance is raised) (note: there is no staircase effect that during the variation of the filter with envelope or LFO)

Here's a video on how dmo "performance" of the Fantom:
Video ( )

Some DMOS audio sounds of Fantom FA-76

Piano 1 ( )
Piano 2 ( )
Piano 3 ( )

Electric Piano 1 ( )
Electric Piano 2 ( )
3 Electric Piano ( )

Strings 1 ( )
Strings 2 ( )
Strings 3 ( )

Its synth 1 ( )
Its synth 2 ( )
Its synth 3 ( )
Its synth 4 ( )
Its synth 5 ( )
- Only the Fantom ROM is used without external effects
- All my recordings are done with a SoundBlaster card and MP3 encoding so there is a small loss of quality (not to mention, sometimes, a bit of saturation of the highest lev ...)


The solid is really good trs, over the large keyboard is an excellent quality of manufacture (synthesis touch) for someone who wants to make scne I think it is very s well
Studio for use midi polyphony of 64 voices can be disabling (with a direct to disk, we can try to circumvent the problem by boun ... but it is a bit cumber ...).

Despite its faade Austre and cold that could give limpression bote of a large void that is a synth that has a potential standard (but somewhat complicated to beginners so apprhender there paramtres possible)
Only one issue: spending time tame bte!

Adding the 4 August 2006: all that is above a crit t long before I shall decide to sell my Fantom.
Adding the four fvrier 2007: I have my Fantom and currently j'coute what is the best in software samplers must reconnatre the sounds of piano and electric organ of the Fantom taient really good (thanks, among other effects embedded). This is not to say that one day I n'achte not another workstation (as with a lot of software on computer ... music and a lot less!)
Added July 9, 2007: I sold my FA76 650 euros in a perfect state. Sincrement that price is a bargain trs if sampling is not a priority for you and in addition you want a good keyboard "lightweight" (in the sense of the term). Today I regret it so much my Fantom sr I'll buy myself a new workstation because I'm tired of wasting my time with the computer and all its other paramtrages: I never do so little music since I just hardware that revolves around a PC. Notice if you want to do all the production, IT is almost mandatory if you plutt your musician (what fun to play) plutt to choose a musical instrument and not a PC