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Roland FC user reviews

  • Roland FC-300

    Roland FC-300 - " nothing to say"


    I use it for two years. This is a very sturdy box, also rather heavy. I walked on without finesse and all is well. I recommend buying used. people who sell did not generally used, and nine is too expensive. level regulate according I found m…

  • Roland FC-200

    Roland FC-200 - " A reference!"


    Used for ten years, after going through the stage "on tap switches". I have not tried a lot of gear before him, because I knew that it was exactly what I needed. Switch control 10 + 1 + 1 + 6 expression pedal external controllers and 12 banks of 10…

  • Roland FC-300

    Roland FC-300 - " Sturdy, comfortable but incomplete"


    MORE: This controller is a nice, heavy, so very stable ground, very robust. -Both pedals are comfortable running right (not too long, allowing games "whawha" nervous and accurate. Keyboardist-being (Rhodes), I use it sitting, and it poses no pr…

  • Roland FC-200

    Roland FC-200 - " Use for 14 years"


    I used it from 1995 to 2009. I've tried a pedal and the ART Berhinger FCB1010 but after purchase, but with NO regrets. Robustness is real. Many times and repeated in all possible conditions (up to the mud) and it still works. The only weak p…

  • Roland FC-200

    Roland FC-200 - " Very good MIDI foot controller."


    Hello, I use it for several years, I have a config in 19 "racks and I always kept the pedal. It is very robust and reliable. I know there are competitors now, but I'm very satisfied and would not change for another. I recently diets "ghost",…

  • Roland FC-200

    Roland FC-200 - " Very good but not great either"


    How long you use it? I have for over a year now What is so special that you love the most, least? I was attracted by its expression pedal integrée.Mais reveals that it does not as well as a 5 by EV is very robust against it, he took the rain …

  • Roland FC-100 Mk2

    Roland FC-100 Mk2 - " Built to last" has images


    I bought a set GP16 + 2 + FC100 mk2 EV5 about a month ago, and frankly I'm not disappointed. I had some multi-effects pedal before this one (Korg AX3000, Vox Tonelab ...) but I do not keep very good memories, too, and then typed it made nothing on …

  • Roland FC-300

    Roland FC-300 - Exxi3's review


    Hello, I have this little gem in the last few days and I am satisfied with TRS. In fact, I wanted to buy a FC-200 to drive my Roland GP-100, which is my sound-design tool for guitar prdilection even if I have stuff latest issue (Guitar Rig, Lin…

  • Roland FC-7

    Roland FC-7 - danielb's review


    An indispensable product with an arranger ROLAND! (G70 is an option) Overall a good product trs, really strong (note the connector ...), but I think the switches are too close together: you really have to go with her foot. …

  • Roland FC-200

    Roland FC-200 - Fade's review


    I use the FC-200 for several years. It's a MIDI controller trs solid. It can work on a a/c power or battery. The interuptor has three positions (OFF / ECO / ON). In economy mode the display is less bright and the you  can save mor on your batter…