Roland FC-300
Roland FC-300

FC-300, MIDI Pedal from Roland in the FC series.

Exxi3 06/08/2008

Roland FC-300 : Exxi3's user review


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I have this little gem in the last few days and I am satisfied with TRS.

In fact, I wanted to buy a FC-200 to drive my Roland GP-100, which is my sound-design tool for guitar prdilection even if I have stuff latest issue (Guitar Rig, Line 6 TonePort KB37). Until I used the one Nobels MF-2, trs good pdalier twelve o'clock too, but not quite in the same CATEGORY.

So seeking a FC-200 OCCAZ of my gear store assigned after an order is not honored, I was offered a CF-300 nine 300 .-- Swiss Francs, ie. D. 200 .--.

C'tait a little more than I wanted to, but the price ... O)

In fact, all dpend of what is going to fly with: It is well worth it if you use its advanced functions programming patches, CC, SysEx and expression. Master not necessarily very easy, given the number of possibilities it offers.

If not a goods cheaper Nobels, with 1 or 2 expression pedals, make ample case.

It really is the top of pdalier noon on FC-300. It PSE ton, exudes solidity and quality of hardware and finishes are irrprochables.

To get an ide of bte prcise more, check out the manual

Kind regards,