Roland FC-300
Roland FC-300

FC-300, MIDI Pedal from Roland in the FC series.

Wozzeck 10/21/2012

Roland FC-300 : Wozzeck's user review

«  Sturdy, comfortable but incomplete »

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This controller is a nice, heavy, so very stable ground, very robust.
-Both pedals are comfortable running right (not too long, allowing games "whawha" nervous and accurate.
Keyboardist-being (Rhodes), I use it sitting, and it poses no problem except the 2 switches in the two pedals right (when they are pushed to the bottom): they are almost impossible to trigger while sitting. up .. no problem.
You can also pluguer to external 6switchs which, by adding switches FC-300 gives you a nice control panel at the bottom.

Patch-mode is quite impressive, it can send a "click" a chain of controls (type Control change, prog exchange sys exclusive on any midi channel). The programming is a bit long (which is normal), but relatively simple, especially since there is a way to find the French manual on the web.
nb: patch mode, 7 different switches used to trigger a "patch", so there are only two switches and two pedals to send exchange controls.

-Controller mode: In this mode, you can assign a different exchange control on all switches and pedals FC-300 (ie 7 assignments for switches and 2 pedals, plus 2 switches under the pedals), but SINGLE CHANNEL MIDI. There are 5 memory to configure the FC 5maps different assignments.

-Attention, FC-300 can transmit only controls the exchange of 1 to 90.
It can therefore transmit to exchange controls 91-128. If like me you have a device (Receptor) with exchange controls pre-assigned and can not be changed from 100 to 125, FC-300 can not control it!

-Secondly, the FC-300 can not receive anything from another device, so it is impossible to trigger a patch of FC-300 from an external device
-> If you have another hand controller as Novation SLII example, you can not, click on the Novation trigger a configuration or a patch of FC-300.
I can tell you that it creates serious complications.

nb: the MIDI IN FC serves only the transmission of data stored FC.

The FC-300 is sturdy and nice, but the two gaps that I described above make it unfortunately, despite his production, an incomplete.
-I think this is the value insufficient.
I do not regret my purchase, however, because I bought it secondhand at a very low price.
To half price or possibly 2/3 of the price: yes
Buy new-no, it's too expensive