Roland FC-300
Roland FC-300

FC-300, MIDI Pedal from Roland in the FC series.

Georges Mach1n 04/10/2013

Roland FC-300 : Georges Mach1n's user review

«  nothing to say »

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I use it for two years.

This is a very sturdy box, also rather heavy. I walked on without finesse and all is well.

I recommend buying used. people who sell did not generally used, and nine is too expensive.

level regulate according I found mine: I use the patch mode (for controlling ableton live). I have patches that send cc, other notes. it is on the need to read the manual but once its done config in general you touch more.

a priori knows a little while to do, but I suggest you download the manual first to understand if it does what you need.

Notes and cc, except that I need nothing more so I can not comment too much advanced features.

the edition is done with 4 buttons. when there looks okay but it's hardly intuitive. for a machine of this price would be the very least have a external editor like many other devices.

lots of batteries. that last little. therefore compulsory adapter.
his biggest fault is to be too heavy.

I do not have much to say. this is serious, strong and effective. and that's exactly what good right?