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Roland KC user reviews

  • Roland KC-550

    Roland KC-550 - "Sounds Like Just Home!"


    It doesn't get any better (at least not yet). The sound generated is as clean as you could imagine a sound being; no distortion and hardly any EQ really even needed to be done (depending on what you're playing). I'm running my Roland Fantom X8 throug…

  • Roland KC-110

    Roland KC-110 - "A true Swiss-army knife...It's awesome!"


    Very light amp but beefy in terms of performance. They say it's 2x15 W, but I don't buy it! Exceptional performance STEREO! ! It must be noted because it's indispensable for the Leslie effect. Mix of 4 inputs, 1X mic (XLR/Jack) input, the sm58 so…

  • Roland KC-880

    Roland KC-880 - "Heavy"


    The Roland K 880 is a 5 channel 320 Watt keyboard amplifier with two 12 inch subs and 2 tweeters. It does have DSP Effects on it and cost just under a grand. If needed, you can hook two of these units together in stereo and get a lot more power. Thi…

  • Roland KC-150

    Roland KC-150 - "Do not turn it up to loud"


    I have been using the Roland KC-150 for a few small projects over the last 6 months. It is a very affordable keyboard amp that has a 12” speaker with microphone inputs and even an auxiliary input. There are only 65 watts in the KC-150 but it feels li…

  • Roland KC-110

    Roland KC-110 - "Very good (mobile) keyboard amp"


    2x15W amp, light, very good sound reproduction Mix of 4 inputs, 1X mic input (XLR/Jack) 2X stereo Line inputs (Jack) 1X iPod, CD input (Mini-Jack stereo, RCA) 1x stereo output (Jack) Effect: Reverb/Chorus, headphone output. 30W output power on…

  • Roland KC-110

    Roland KC-110 - "great amp for live use"


    The whole amp is only around 10lbs and has a solid feel (wooden cabinet) to it to with a metal grille in front. Tough stuff. As opposed to the BA330 which is 20lbs heavier and looks more fragile and is $200 more - for what, exactly? UTILIZATION W…

  • Roland KC-550

    Roland KC-550 - "great amp , must try"


    I have this amp for a few months now, and I don't regret getting this one. It's sound is just amazing and it has enough power to get me heard over my band mates (they have a nag to play somewhat loud). I use the KC 550 with a Yamaha NP-30 and an old…

  • Roland KC-500

    Roland KC-500 - moosers's review


    The Roland KC-500 is an 150 watt keyboard amplifier that is perfect for live shows. I don't own this keyboard amplifier, as I really don't have a use for something like this at home, but the keyboard player that I've played with most uses this for a…

  • Roland KC-550

    Roland KC-550 - songboy's review


    This amp is a solid state setup. The power coming out of this thing is fairly strong at 180w. The connections are actually pretty sweet on this amp. This amp has a built in 4 channel mixer which offers stereo 1/4" jacks for each channel and …

  • Roland KC-880

    Roland KC-880 - " The ergonomic pachiderme"


    - 320 Watt (2 x 160 Watt) - 2 speakers 12 "and 2 pavilions acute - 4 stereo inputs with effects (XLR mic input on input 1) - 3 AUX / Monitor with volume control - Internal stereo effects (reverb, chorus, tremolo, rotary) switchable with EFX c…