Roland KC-500
Roland KC-500

KC-500, Keyboard Amplifier from Roland in the KC series.

moosers 05/28/2010

Roland KC-500 : moosers's user review


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The Roland KC-500 is an 150 watt keyboard amplifier that is perfect for live shows. I don't own this keyboard amplifier, as I really don't have a use for something like this at home, but the keyboard player that I've played with most uses this for all of the live shows we play together. I've always been very happy with the sound we get from it, as is he. The amp has a four channel mixer, that can support either four stereo channels or eight mono ones, which is really more than enough but it's definitely nice to have the option if you are working with a few different keyboards or other instruments.


The configuration of the Roland KC-500 isn't anything too hard to figure out how to use. To me there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about it, as everything is generally self explanatory. Some of the parameters the KC-500 has include those for volume for each of the channels, as well as a three band equalizer. Users will be able to catch on quickly without the assistance of a manual, but if you are new with amplifiers it might be a good idea to have it around anyway.


From my experience using the Roland KC-500, it definitely seems to be the perfect keyboard amp for live shows. I can't really see any other scenario where this amp would be necessary, but it shines for live shows. I guess you could use it as a practice amp, but it's definitely got more power and volume than you'd ever need in a practice situation, not to mention that it is extremely heavy. There are a number of different Roland keyboard amplifiers out there that are very similar to this one, but since they are no longer making the KC-500 it can probably be had a cheaper price than it would be to get a newer similar model. I've got nothing bad to say about the Roland KC-500 as I think it's an awesome keyboard amplifier for live shows.