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Roland VG user reviews

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - "great interface"


    The Roland VG 99 is a guitar system that was really appealing to me. Just the look of it seemed like it was something that I could really use. But before spending money on it I had a chance to really get into depth and use it for a while to see if …

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by la.boulanderie/translated from Audiofanzine FR) See Roland's website for detailed features and other user reviews. However, I'll tell you something you won't find there: The VG 99 is compatible with the GK2 I instal…

  • Roland VG-88 VGuitar

    Roland VG-88 VGuitar - "Roland VG-88 / GK-2A"


    I acquired this unit at the Guitar Center for $800. I have used and researched many guitar effects processors, and finally have found one that I really enjoy using, as well as the way it sounds. One of the other things that really attracted me to i…

  • Roland VG-88 VGuitar

    Roland VG-88 VGuitar - "Roland VG-88"


    I purchased this unit through 1-800-4SAMASH. I researched it for about 6 months. Played some of the less exspensive Boss units (GT3/GT5). When I say less exspensive, I don't mean cheap! These are also great units. What sold me on the VG-88 was a thr…

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - "Power, but gaps qqes"


    Useless to return to the specifications. They are clearly listed on the official website ... It may however be useful to recall that the VG-99 is a combination of several elements: a guitar modeler (Line 6 Variax way), a guitar synthesizer, an amp …

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - " Trs effective"


    For the character, see below, to take two pages. Two inde-pendent stereo output jack + output to amp scratches. Footswitch jacks, expression pedal, pdalier ddi FC300 (too expensive ...) That's all numrique but honntement must be manic to find his di…

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - doha1696's review


    The VG 99 is the Swiss Army Knife of guitarists ... Multi effects but not only, and much more, akin to the best "tools" of the same type built by Roland. The part is identical to the effects Boss GT pro with ability to handle chains of different effe…

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - MANUZICOUSTIC's review


    Diponibles effects are those that are found in the pedal: Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, and many others (see the website of Roland). They are edited on a PC using software supplied with the VG-99 (PC communication / VG-99 via USB). It's digi…

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - egonzo's review


    Just a quick note without much description I admit it ... the ball, I never had anything like the hands or ropes. Sounds same factory, I'm not a pro and reading the other I do not can be very demanding ... so humbly, I scratch and I listen to an agre…

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - stadelmann's review


    What's more, one week of use, and I sold my POD X3 LIVE on ... This is really a pure ball ... rvolution. Ngatif point: No one Send Return (LOOP). 2 The whawha I do not like. 3 Price UTILIZATION Simple (simpler than the POD X3) Englais …