Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2
Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2

VG-88 VGuitar V2, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the VG series.

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Royalclik 05/05/2005

Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2 : Royalclik's user review


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See below a very good explanation ...
For my part, there is everything you could want and more.
Ultra easy to use, it's like (makes me a drawing): the shape of the guitar appears on the screen (gibson, fender, dobro, ... rickenbecker, the microphones are dessinsa location and a acoustic guitar by turning the wheel one can grow the fund saw eye (ca ca made me laugh for that matter)


See above ...
So starting a few hours to make, hack, fiddle with your sound as much as possible ... rglage


This is where I stand on the board.
I was really tired of hearing that it does not really the sound of a gibson, we do not find the heat lamps of a real amp Blablabla.

We buy that kind of machine for the perfect sound of a fender but rather for the sound that Fender never. Let me explain:
The fact is that everything in this pdalier is for you to find your happiness. when I produced a sound I'm not trying to copy a particular instrument (I think it's not a good way to use this machine)
I focus instead was looking how to get a more sharp or more or warmer months such attacks and the vg88 gives you more possibilities than any other machine.
For me the names and guitar amp donnsa are indicative because it's true that when you select a single coil strat a form, you get closer to a more than a Fender Gibson.
Another example: it is true that if one takes literally the sound Nylon 2, well you have to get the nylon ;-)
But that does not mean it's not a standard potential, you will not be to do something.
I never had any complaints from bluesman of mtaleux of jazzman regarding my sound is therefore essantiel l.
For me nothing comes concurencer the vg on the ground: the Variax for me to really try to copy the original brands, the pod being more than a multi effects and amps, the vox sounds very good but does not as possibilté (guitar level) that the vg.
Regarding the fact that everything is digital, I was nervous but especially for the saturation I took my snaps and even more I use my preamp mesaboogie
Thank you to OzaDeluxe for his remark on the dynamics because it is a real (see below).


If you only need one or two sounds then go your way, get a good scratch, a good amp and a multi purpose, if not ... buy the necessary

I emphasize that everyone can find happiness by dropping shots.