Roland VG-99
Roland VG-99

VG-99, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the VG series.

theaudioandvideoguy 05/29/2012

Roland VG-99 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« great interface »

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The Roland VG 99 is a guitar system that was really appealing to me. Just the look of it seemed like it was something that I could really use. But before spending money on it I had a chance to really get into depth and use it for a while to see if it was something that I really would like. One of the key things that really made this unit stand out to me was just the overall functions of the unit. It seemed like Roland really put some time into making the VG 99. From its previous models there are many upgrades that they have made to make it quicker to do what you wanted.


It wasn’t easy for me to get started with this unit. I did have to open up the manual and spend a little time reading. But I did that from the start so I could eliminate the countless minutes I would spend doing trial and error. The manual was very easy to understand and it was clear and concise. After reading through the manual a little while I had the hang of it and was ready to get going.


The sounds quality on the VG 99 is second to none, you really couldn’t ask for much more for this price. It supports USB connection to computers and also midi connections for other devices like other keybaords and modules or anything that can take midi connections. Connecting all of this stuff is very easy if you understand how midi works in comparison to different devices and sound.


Overall, Very pleased with the VG 99 the interface was a bit confusing at first but that was nothing that the manual couldn’t help me power through. You have the ability to really get some good sounds, and more importantly you can really get the sound you want with the Roland VG 99. The VG 99 really has taking my creativity to new levels.