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  • sE Electronics Z5600a-II

    sE Electronics Z5600a-II - overson's review


    It's first and foremost a vocal mic, but it is very good on acoustic guitars and alto! Careful: Don't use it upside down (the capsule could unscrew!) The original tube does the job, it's neutral and clean. But it really becomes amazing with a Telef…

  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter

    sE Electronics Reflexion Filter - "This is a must have if you do not hve access to a vocal booth.a"


    The SE electronic reflection filter is both sturdy and sleek. Its function is to reduce the amount of reverb or echo that enters into your microphone, and for me it does just that. You can easily notice a difference in vocals when using this product.…

  • sE Electronics sE2200a-II

    sE Electronics sE2200a-II - "affordable"


    The SE Electronics SE 2200A is a condenser microphone that has been around for a short while. It is the second version of this mic and has recent came out. The price of this mic is great by the way. This mic can easily compare to some mics double its…

  • sE Electronics Z3300a

    sE Electronics Z3300a - "good for vocals"


    We have used the SE Electronics Z3300 A microphone several times over the last few years and liked it so much. But not long after we started using it I purchased the PR35 wireless head to replaced my Shure 87A head on my wireless. I sold my Neumann …

  • sE Electronics Z5600a-II

    sE Electronics Z5600a-II - " Accurate, clear and HOT"


    Tube vocal mic OVERALL OPINION I've been using this mic for several years and I bought a second one a while ago. It's more precise than most of my Neumanns (TLM 103, U87 and M149 Tube), but also less mids-heavy and sharper, which might not suit eve…

  • sE Electronics sE2200A

    sE Electronics sE2200A - "SE 2200a review"


    The se 2200a is a condenser studio recording microphone. The se 2200a has a low cut filter, 10dB pad and also comes complete with a very rugged aluminium shock mount and flight case. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz Polar Pattern: Cardioid OVERAL…

  • sE Electronics sE1000

    sE Electronics sE1000 - moosers's review


    The SE Electronics SE1000 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone designed for home studio owners. I've only used the microphone inside of the recording studio, so this review will be on this type of application. I would imagine that most will be…

  • sE Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter

    sE Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter - moosers's review


    The SE Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter is designed for home studios and rooms that might not necessarily have the best acoustics and environment to work with.<span> </span>Like the one designed for vocals, this makes a little crevasse for you…

  • sE Electronics sE4 Stereo Pair

    sE Electronics sE4 Stereo Pair - moosers's review


    The SE Electronics SE4 Stereo Pair are a set of small diaphragm condenser microphones that are designed for use in the studio.  Since my main focus is on recording, I've only had the chance to use these microphones inside the studio.  The mics have a…

  • sE Electronics TB101

    sE Electronics TB101 - moosers's review


    The SE Electronics TB 101 is a single channel tube based microphone preamp that has built in compression and EQ.  It is an analog piece of gear that has XLR connections and a 1/4 inch input in the front for plugging your instrument straight into it. …