sE Electronics sE X1

sE X1, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from sE Electronics in the X1 series.

TheJeff666 10/14/2014

sE Electronics sE X1 : TheJeff666's user review

«  a pro tool, great value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Static large-diaphragm cardioid directional. 10dB attenuator pad and low cut with a slope of -3 dB / octave from 500 Hz.
I bought the bundle pack studio, so with suspension (good quality), anti pop (minimalist) and reflection filter (very useful). This pack is a really good deal.
by against, at that price, no packaging for the microphone, so I bought him a kit padded for protection and storage.
The overall production looks good, the microphone is quite heavy, one flat, the switches for the pad and low cut are cheap and should be handled carefully, but at this price ...
I bought it at random and impulse .... I needed a micro basis for my home studio, and my mag zic gave me a price on the Studio Bundle, so I went with without knowing anything about this mic.
Well I really did ...
I used it for the time being taken voice (man and woman), taking acoustic guitar, clarinet and bassoon. It does not sound vintage, it is a neutral and modern micro (quality for me), very precise and detailed, both in the severe than in the treble. the highs are also very nice, never aggressive. Furthermore it enters large acoustic pressures without flinching (sacred slaps with the clarinet ....). Antipop mandatory quality for vocals.


Super value for money, very good mic. I recommend this mic for beginners who start with a real static without breaking the bank, but also the pros who are likely to be surprised by the performance of this microphone. Studio bundle is excellent value for money too.
I use it for over a year, I did a lot of studio in the 90s, so I know the AT, rodes and AKG (basic studio pros of the era rarely had the means to ranges afford Neuman, Bright globalization ...).
I want to remember some rules for a good sound. The string sound: you will always have the sound of the weakest link in your chain of his home .... So, between the microphone directly into my sound card (presonus studio live I disable DSP) and pi that's it ... then processing VST DAW if necessary.
Finally, a microphone was € 3,000 and a bad investment, it's a crappy sound, microphone 150 € and a good investment, it's a great decision ... the sound is dynamic fluid and solid geometry primarily, creativity as well (the voice of Beth Gibbons on Dummy is an SM 57 ...), the gear comes next. Namely, apart from cutting up and down, I hate to correct a power tie, so the microphone placement is paramount for me.
In view of the result that I was able to get with this microphone, the value for money is exceptional. pros buddies (zicos and swallowed sounds) do not stop to congratulate me on the quality of my recordings, it's nice.
In my home studio, I went from the model to the pre prod for other artists, so upmarket in terms of quality of the final rendering, well I do not count at all go upmarket in terms of micro, I do what I want with this SE X1.
And I intend to make the election, since a variation of the micro tube coming out ...

You can listen to the recording SE X1 in my account Mupiz:

Vocals and acoustic guitar with the X1 on the songs "naive Métis", "like that" terminal, "I chose life," and "and again"

The clarinet are taken during mixing.
PS: I sometimes struggle with my dual SC 300, so if ... the cheapest and worst wide static membrane ca ... Ben does well also ...