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foudepiano 12/25/2013

sE Electronics Egg 150 : foudepiano's user review

«  transparent monitor and musical! »

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The audacity of the technical choices validated by listening .. the separate preamp with integrated amp.
I use it in monitoring recording piano and as hifi


Incredible dynamic finesse, a musical word.
voices are super vérité.Absence color transparency ... very poussée.l stereo imaging is amazing natural (3d).
Ideal for nearfield (1.5 m pregnant)
They manage to square the circle (normal for eggs!) Monitor and stereo listening!


1 week and happiness!
I had:
pmc fact 8 (too bright) pmc 2 ms
25 psi (good but a wise)
event opal (too typed monitor)
adam 7
neuman (small)
most of the eggs:
natural, they disappear before the music, dynamics, its "analog" (fluid and not tiring), the price!
plastic finish, find feet that go with the look of the eggs ...