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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Roland PMA-5
The Roland PMA-5 (Personal Music Assistant) is a unique portable MIDI device. I don't know exactly for what years this was made, but it has to be at least twenty years old. It's a Palm style device that sits right in your hand and contains a variety of MIDI sounds, a sequencer, rhythm patterns, and an arranger. Of course something like this is a bit outdated, but it's still a cool thing. The PMA-5 needs power from a nine volt power supply and consists of both a MIDI input and output jack, and a 1/8" headphones output. I believe it can run on batteries, but I'm not sure what kind since when I've tried it it has been with a power supply.


The Roland PMA-5 isn't the easiest device to use, but it was pretty forward thinking and is probably a little strange to use just because it's older. It's still not incredibly hard to use, it's just going to take a little messing around with. The screen is a touchscreen, which is pretty cool for such an older device. I haven't looked at a manual, but if you wanted to learn everything about the PMA-5, I'd say it's going to be required reading.


Most of the sounds on the Roland PMA-5 are general MIDI, which is in general pretty cheesy. Having said this, I don't know what more you'd expect from something like this that is of it's age. They do make portable sound modules today and I'm sure there are some devices out there like this one, but this is the only one of it's type that I've really seen. It definitely does have a nice collection of general MIDI sounds and otherwise, as well as a ton of patterns to choose from which is cool. It would definitely be possible to conjure up a little all in one track here, which is the point after all.


I don't know how easy it would be to get your hands on a Roland PMA-5 nowadays, but I would think there would be some of them floating around out there. The studio I work at has one of them floating about, but it certainly doesn't get used, or at least I haven't seen it used by any client. I've really only messed around with it just to see what it was all about, but haven't used it for any serious musical purposes. If you're after some cheesy sounding general MIDI stuff only, there are easier ways to achieve it than this. I would really recommend seeking out a Roland PMA-5 as in general it's not going to be worth much. If you can get one cheaply or just happen to stumble upon one, it's fun to play with but I don't think it's going to be a viable music making tool in the modern world.

mirka11's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" expander / sequencer Pocket"

Roland PMA-5
Size paperback. 8 tracks in song or pattern. 300 sounds including drums. Full arsenal twelve o'clock touchscreen with stylus. midi in and out. audio out.


it can be used with the stylus just as there is a mini desktop keyboard integrated al. j I prefer the personal drive with a small midi keyboard 25 keys. the pma5 may also be used in GM mode to be a pilot by external hardware or software sequencer.


sounds good to not compete with what we have today at home with his computer but has a mobile component of the sound bank generalist correct and especially very uniform. as stated otherwise c is rather oriented pop jazz rock ... (J I post a small demo mp3 in the media section).


c is a pleasure using it again after several years in displacement. j have the same feeling of having better ideas in the studio so that c is straightforward. making head against the final sound is delivered later .. a little magic box has to record his ideas that can not or will not lug around a laptop.

frenchee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent, not sell"

Roland PMA-5
Expander / Sequencer Roland PMA-5: the great classic, Mario Sequencer / demonstrator pocket.


I use it in demo tapes to give me ideas for all my music free of rights. Super accessible.


After 15 years of use, not a wrinkle. Audio quality impeccable. If necessary filtering is super simple to get in before mixing. The available patterns are super inspired by style (intro, 2 sentences, 2 breaks, final). If


is a musical project that Roland should have never abandoned, is that the PMA-5.
What about that magic box? Certainly, no backlit screen (but the hack is doable), regardless of internal memory, large size, but the rest !!!!!
Sounds mostly excellent, outstanding audio quality for a machine of that age, interfacing and retrieve compounds sometimes difficult, but what source of inspiration for bands demos, even as I read a play on stage.

If you have one, do not sell, it might become a collector .... If yours is down, I have the opportunity to have it repaired (up to avail of the good circuit) .

If you have any demos, patterns ... anything that would make him a little volume, think of me.

motteherbeuse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland PMA-5
Everything is said, is infinite.


Thanks to a styleur, not to lose (kind of small slylo) it has easy access to the heads office.
I'm not technical at all, sincere, and I quickly understood the operating instructions.


I found my components for all the sounds and effects I needed.
and is the choice! and they are still current today.


I mean (and I repeat myself)
I originally bought this camera in the 90s (3300 francs), to return an accompanying agreements, to play the saxophone.
I was initially a little scared to learn how to use it and have relied on the vendor who told me not complex but complete. I am not yet a technical round but the record is so clear that I quickly began to understand the possibilities.

leading to another, I recorded my styleur improvisation by walking on the keyboard of the display during playback and it's easy, it is always in the key of the agreement posted.
with the step I used to write me arrangements.c is crazy palette of sounds that has! brass, guitars, synths, percussion and even vocals and others.
I think these sounds must be for the most part, still on top. Moreover, I also served as expander, on stage for an external master keyboard (which therefore had no sound internal).
about to do step by step it is better to know at least the music theory (rhythm), it helps, but what satisfaction! I who felt so bad in components and in sequence, I started to like and I made a 12aines pieces of diverse styles and it is not lack of choice with the variety of rhythms.
In addition it is ideal for the musician on a trip: sitting on a bench in a train or a bus or a plane etc since it works on battery and sector. 18cmx13cmx4cm and a few hundred grams, you can not do better and I say bravo ROLAND.
of course you can connect PC to copy his songs at the time but I was too poorly equipped.
the two complaints I have about PMA5 is primarily the touch screen not enlightened enough (but it's a small detail) and especially its lack of internal memory capacity (which can be solved with a PC or MAC ). so I note - 2 points (hard drive!)
I used it about 5 years and now he is sleeping, or I use in my drum machine of my pieces to work. but how to sell it? Y does best in this practice? ROLAND why did he not change? About us neophytes?
Note: I am not commercial but the argus 100 euros (above) seems to me fairly weak, the price of a small drum machine secondhand.
I conclude by saying that this device has given me great satisfaction since it taught me: to compose, to seek and create sounds and rhythms, to add effects and others, especially to mix alone.

Dlw's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland PMA-5
All connectors (pc, mix, amp, headphones, car radio, stereo, TV etc ...) sound varies addressing everything. Reverb and chorus / delay, all adjustable. 4 or 8 tracks is happiness because you are going straight to the point, even a perfect hire an amateur could pretend something with this wonderful toy.


It is true that driving takes some getting used to know but it is logical and what a joy to find a new order. All is well in place, no no, there gure better, the manual is provided if one takes the time to go.


You can do it all, like any good nawak. The ism is striking, the effects are good omens and can be a multi-effects complts externally via MIDI or other. EXPRESSION is dedicated user the craziest, there are no limits on this type of gear, the only inspiration nophyte Fraine. Whether the 80 trs lctro original or even the big mtal bleeding is a guide rv DMOD that will not be anytime soon.


Historically, it is a tool of work, DLIR, travel, designer etc ... There is no such squenceur competition is too great! In addition, this product will increase over time and to procure a vehicle: Good luck! because MANDATORY.

Magellan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland PMA-5
Squenceur-arranger MIDI conection with high quality, computer (PC / MAC), taken to the pedals dclanchement Song (BOSS pedals fugitive SFU5) adapter plug (BOSS PSA SERIES) headphone jack, volume, intrupteurON / OFF.

150 instruments of good quality which classs spciaux effects, percussion, the beautiful layers of synth and bass drum kits 16 ...., hundreds of pRSET efficient style of four tracks rpart intro, verse 1 and 2, 1 and 2 break, end; section effect (chorus, reverb, pan volume) acting on all 4 rhythm tracks and 4 tracks solo.

All presets can be modified and ditables.

Any style is preset range Submitted by C major, and of course will in arrangeable minor 7ime ....

4 ways to lead sentences are ditables aussi.On can edit his songs in several modes (for riff, by sentence, not to not live ...). A riff is registrable Song by successions of arange.

Lots of utility function are Submitted (sequence of song, tallonage the position of the grid for the precision of the stylus, memory, MIDI channels).

What a happy cable MIDI IN / OUT squenceur its digital and on a piano to play live on a real keyboard while registering on the squenceur see to change the sound (if the piano is limited style), or from his mistakes then rgulariser time if one does "not play carrquot;!

What a wonderful change of style 4 track or a drum kit with a single shot stylet.Quel easy to place his notes on a measure by quick stroke of a pen.

The basic functions of Dfile / stop / stop / record are also double for handling the finger.


The manual is simple, complete and clear (prsentation, calligraphy, directory).
This squenceur is ultra compact, being protected by a cover Quilted faux leather, with a pocket to place a sheet plasticized recalling all pRSET numros style and instrument.
This also works on battery squenceur (attention, low autonomy of about 4 hours).

The configuration is a gnrale Russianness with a notch with the plasticized parts of the diffrent BCAN, keyboard, piano prlever notes, and all handled with a stylus tip carbon imitter while allowing the effects of a "mouse" informatique.Une idegniale.

Everything is easily accssible, the screen is clear and logical.


All sounds are Varis and good quality, rather raliste, even if the latest issue of sound banks have only gotten better. At the top, there are the layers of synths (lead, strings), the slap bass, some brass and percussion. The pianos are correct, but the guitars and the Voices are not at the top. The effects are somewhat spciaux dpasss but funny.

The effects are effective, but it is advisable to save the mix as crude and raw then add reverb and panning on the multitrack recorder.

The keyboard "piano" and the stylus to make carbon permetent glissando, the bends, the trmolo or hold / the note (s).


7 years, I m'clate with this squenceur the 4 corners of the world. The concept of carbon stylus functions as a "mouse" is used for my gnial.Je the guitar accompaniment on my multitrack numrique.Bref I programe bass / drums / piano / synthpercu and sometimes some effects spciaux. Ideal also for "boeuffer" on the guitar pRSET style, or as Sofista rhythm box (with a battery funk slap bass is better than the boring click-clack of a m tronomy).

I still do not understand how this inovation did not work, and t The series is not prosecuted or amlior. I do not understand also how others can squenceurs vendrent appreil as this is logical, intuitive and practical.

No loss of time, portable and ultra-efficient, it is a technological marvel and pdagogique.
Excellent qualitprix for 3000 FF new, well worth the money.

Despite its size book, this is a real bcanne squenceur proffesionel semi-monster of a power of work standards and opportunities.
I save my presets on Mac via a printer cable and software on floppies. And yes, with 20,000 notes memory, I am my 4ime backup.

A single default, it lacks a notch rtro clear.

In short, a little known and wonderfully crative dlaisse, leaving me stunned by the day.