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Roland Sequencers user reviews

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - moosers's review


    The Roland PMA-5 (Personal Music Assistant) is a unique portable MIDI device. I don't know exactly for what years this was made, but it has to be at least twenty years old. It's a Palm style device that sits right in your hand and contains a variet…

Translated user reviews
  • Roland MSQ-700

    Roland MSQ-700 - " Sorry! this unit is not for sale"


    First quality venerable: ease of use! with a comprehensive user manual, clear and precise, only 32 pages! I wanted to give up, when I acquired later, still used by desire for change (took me wrong), his colleague MC-50 MKII, Roland also!! Before its …

  • Roland MC-500 MkII

    Roland MC-500 MkII - " Still valid"


    As the syncro Roland is the basis of MIDI, you could say that this is the matrix sequencer for all sequencers to come. UTILIZATION Connection with the previous opinion, but floppy disks, can be found on the internet. Note that this machine dates …

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - " efficient and ergonomic"


    Note 2 midi OUT UTILIZATION OK Manual I tried to free myself from the computer and it is on track. Opportunity to play live then send pre-recorded elements with great ease (choice channels are easy to implement with a free hand) SOUNDS no …

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - " always helpful, will always ..."


    audio = none except for the click of registration MIDI out = IN to read sequences to save THROU as indicated (through) no effect section, but can adjust the volume, pan, chorus, reverb and delay or expander synthesizer sounds manager It is si…

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - " a fighter ... a time"


    MIDI connectors: 2 out, in and thru. no sound, no effects, it is a pure sequencer. 8 tracks plus a rhythm track. no editing on any computer on a small LCD display, small ... 15 years ago super sequencer, very complete. but it was 15 years. From…

  • Roland CSQ-100

    Roland CSQ-100 - " Home, he resumed service."


    Small digital sequencer 2 X 84 ratings, managing analog synths. We will not repeat the description. Please note that the leaflet that comes with this unit is very poor and more information is in English. Usage is very simple. It only works wit…

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - " A companion of bis long road"


    2 MIDI OUT, possibility pedals, analog tape drive syncronistion ok (with a practical, high quality multitrack analog.) Once mastered, the device is the height of my imagination. I have never been limited by the 50 mc. Today is my son who rebuke the…

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - " expander / sequencer Pocket"


    Size paperback. 8 tracks in song or pattern. 300 sounds including drums. Full arsenal twelve o'clock touchscreen with stylus. midi in and out. audio out. UTILIZATION it can be used with the stylus just as there is a mini desktop keyboard integrat…

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - " Excellent, not sell"


    Expander / Sequencer Roland PMA-5: the great classic, Mario Sequencer / demonstrator pocket. UTILIZATION I use it in demo tapes to give me ideas for all my music free of rights. Super accessible. SOUNDS After 15 years of use, not a wrinkle. A…