Roland MC-50
Roland MC-50

MC-50, Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

charlesandre 12/14/2012

Roland MC-50 : charlesandre's user review

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audio = none except for the click of registration
MIDI out = IN to read sequences to save THROU as indicated (through)

no effect section, but can adjust the volume, pan, chorus, reverb and delay or expander synthesizer sounds manager

It is simply an event recorder (high notes) rythmix etc etc. ..
No utility for PC or Mac for very old ... backup floppy disk 3.5 is saying ...
Notes recordable 40,000 songs or 99 paterns .... to save before turning no
Note 7


No, it takes some practice but still simpler than culture KORG
The manual is complete

Yes, follow the manual

Note 7


Everything depends on the box or synth sounds that you use to operate the sound.



since 1990

Yes an Alesis

I thought more like a PC (Cubase etc ...)

It is very old, so about quality / price ratio

For me it is a great tool

Note 8