Roland MC-50
Roland MC-50

MC-50, Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

mortimer Valla 12/11/2012

Roland MC-50 : mortimer Valla's user review

«  a fighter ... a time »

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MIDI connectors: 2 out, in and thru.
no sound, no effects, it is a pure sequencer. 8 tracks plus a rhythm track.
no editing on any computer on a small LCD display, small ...
15 years ago super sequencer, very complete. but it was 15 years. From any computer that much better, much faster and more ergonomic.


ultra-simple configuration. Functions very easily accessible even in maneuvering the beast every day I could remember all the manipulations common. I was fortunate to have the manual in French. a stone huge but very full and clear.


no sound ... no effect.


I used it from 1996 to about 2004. since he sleeps in a closet. I did not try others. in fact I have a Roland JV35. version over the JV50 (if I remember correctly) included a section taken from the MC50 sequencer. So I completed my JV35 by MC50.
Plus: can be no mixing of genres. sequencer is a point bar. Not stuff that hurts sounds, bad effects and bad sequencer. It makes him very well sequencer.
The least: it is a machine that has more than 15 years ... even if you love vintage, there is no sound there once as we love, no warmth of analog ...