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Roland Sequencers user reviews

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - " How could I live without?"


    All mod cons! Beautiful construction, unbreakable. Two MIDI outputs for contrl up to 32 instruments. DIFFERENT kinds of external sync. Two taken to the pedals to the controls. A song (song) is divided into 8 tracks, each assignable MIDI output…

  • Roland CSQ 600

    Roland CSQ 600 - ricou2222's review


    sequencer cv / gate (ie, no MIDI). 4 sequences of 150 or 600 notes each chained notes ... hence the reference CSQ 600 ... absolutely awesome to use, totally extremely simple, it is "rec", you play the sequence on the keyboard, then "play" at the end…

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - fredonitro's review


    Midi: 1in 2out 1thru pedal switch .... No effect is squenceur hardcore. UTILIZATION The config is simple I found lol. You just have to venture a peu.Aprs we know it well. Manuel ok. OVERALL OPINION This is my first squenceur, an…

  • Roland MT-200

    Roland MT-200 - " Curious gear ..."


    Sequencer: 240 000 Notes on 5 tracks, Save to USB Drive 3.5 "integrated. Sound Modules: Type Sound Canvas, 317 sounds + 10 drumkits, an effects module, 32-note polyphony, polytimbralité: 16. Connections: MIDI: 1 out, 1 thru, 2 in. Pedals: Start / Sto…

  • Roland MC-50 MkII

    Roland MC-50 MkII - Blups's review


    Hardware sequencer track 8 tracks + 1 + 1 track tempo pace. 16 MIDI channels. True sequencer, so all types of MIDI messages can be recorded (DC, PG, SysEx ...) Warning: "8 tracks" does not mean "8 MIDI channels" on the same track can store 16 ch…

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - motteherbeuse's review


    Everything is said, is infinite. UTILIZATION Thanks to a styleur, not to lose (kind of small slylo) it has easy access to the heads office. I'm not technical at all, sincere, and I quickly understood the operating instructions. SOUNDS I fou…

  • Roland MV 30

    Roland MV 30 - pico's review


    It's a great hardware sequencer roland (probably better) with 90 internal sounds very typical of very good quality. UTILIZATION It's frankly apart from the great saves on disk (yes it was like this before) I prefer to call time on a 1000 30 VM on…

  • Roland SB-55 SoundBrush

    Roland SB-55 SoundBrush - zeshad's review


    Warning! this device does not edit the tracks but just to read or record an incoming MIDI MIDI tracks from a number of Concurrent Therefore not possible to overlay twelve o'clock on a track record dj Very useful to save dumps (memory of a rhythm …

  • Roland PR-100

    Roland PR-100 - Polyconnect's review


    Small sequencer everything that is most basic, but might as well dpanner from time to time. I must say it is quite handy ... But faced with an Alesis MMT-8 is a bit feeble. UTILIZATION Prcis and easy, you just remember the double buttons and co. …

  • Roland SB-55 SoundBrush

    Roland SB-55 SoundBrush - BleuAzur's review


    The SoundBrush ROLAND SB-55 is squenceur MIDI play and record MIDI files. dune equipped remote control. Using tlcommande supplied with CONTROL AT can dclencher / stop playback or select tracks without touching the unit. <ul> Reproduction: Standard …