Roland MC-50
Roland MC-50

MC-50, Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

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yoyog 03/26/2005

Roland MC-50 : yoyog's user review


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Full connectivity in the Midi In / Out / Thru I think, but also input and output for synchronization finally, what really everything.
No sound, no effects available in the box. It was a hardcore professional séquensuer of 8 tracks and 16 channels on each track. Taken of each chanel completely mixable and reassembled as performed originally. 3.5 inch floppy disk drive internal, back-lit screen, scroll wheel, buttons, etc. ...


The general pattern is for a person experienced in the composition in the Midi. Beginners and even many fans will not find their account, even if they know because to play-that the problem lies in the compréhention machine oh so complex and full cut for professionals.
The manual is very complete: the device contains an internal software super MRP (I do not remember the details).


Again, this is a séquenseur. There is no sound card, one must add later. You can take a MIDI keyboard, sound card, a drum machine, etc ... It goes without saying that any MIDI device (digital piano, electronic drums, etc ...) can be connected to this device that can also accept the keyboards that can not be turned on by the local Off taken Rear Out 1 and Out 2.
You can play in real time, or set to step by step. Of course the dynamics can be adjusted, but the issue is just another machine to do it.


I bought a professional job (keyboardist) who held an entire atirail of stuff. He parted because he had a computer-acept it out to her parties.
No, I have not tried other models before buying. The quality / pruix period was good, because it corresponded to a professional gear.
NO I will not go that choice. I had too much trouble to learn more so I was dead ... I bought it about 1500 French francs and sold about 500 French Francs. The séquenseurs complex, it's over for me.

If you want to feel upset and discouraged by a machine, and have an upset as your level of dough, then you could buy the séquenseur Roland MC-50.

Penalty of 0 / 10.