Roland MSQ-700
Roland MSQ-700

MSQ-700, Sequencer from Roland.

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homme-studieu 02/03/2014

Roland MSQ-700 : homme-studieu's user review

«  Sorry! this unit is not for sale »

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First quality venerable: ease of use! with a comprehensive user manual, clear and precise, only 32 pages! I wanted to give up, when I acquired later, still used by desire for change (took me wrong), his colleague MC-50 MKII, Roland also!! Before its manual gas plant Giga, and complexity I'm quickly back to my 700 by cherishing more than before!

Its technical characteristics are as follows: (I forgot: her look pretty!) 8-track sequencer - MIDI interface and plug DCB - Memory capacity of 6500 notes on each track - Memory protection lithium battery (always the same since 1997! ) is its strong point in my opinion, compared to the MKII: no need for time-consuming manipulations diskettes to back up and read a sequence! Piece on a track x or y is recorded, the titchou memory protection (caution to avoid accidental deletion possible) and then in a day, a week or a month is switched on, you can replay the sequence by pressing the relevant track and Play -! Is there anyway a keyboard downstream - lol-

Loads are step by step and with real-time continuous and Over "stew" - Jack Punch in and start stop - Merge function - function right time - depending Chain - Midi Sync, Sync, Clock - etc .... well that it does not have any! I used it with a magneto 8pistes Yamaha ® and BAR TR707 MIDI sync (plus keyboards Master and slave) Then I started recording old: on magnetic tape with a Fostex Model80 8pistes (long live modernism!) And again the seq is present and operational thanks to its sync function band!

My current setup (! 80s style and I'm not ashamed) is roughly as follows: The Master keyboard load the sequencer, then the magneto launches sequencer which launches slaves keyboards and other sound canvas with the help the casing expander lunchtime - and roll youth it's tough to tireless and simple for my level: not taken any position of head for the amateur - lit? - I believe be? ! reserve our energy for the music alone! and if in addition it is good with no matter what it is made - this fall is not me, I apologize to the author! but it is so true!


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